About Me.


“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard.

And I want to spend my life reading… and writing… and eating good food… and having tea parties for my friends and family. And no, it’s not as fancy as it sounds. Sometimes, we drink zobo instead. Because… #proudlyNigerian

A good place to start would be with the top 10, most read posts on this blog.

  1. Open Letter To The First Lady
  2. Ugliest Girl In The World – Elaine Irabor
  3. Dear Random-Guy-Who-Asked-If-He-Could-Share-My-Mini-Umbrella-At-The-Busstop
  4. Riddle
  5. My Fiction
  6. How It Feels To Turn 25
  7. On Punctuality
  8. 23 Things.
  9. Feminism. Ay or Nay?
  10. My Dirty Little Secret 🙂

I’m Osemhen. Welcome.


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  7. habibu usman says

    Awesome…did i hear u say u r trying to improve ur writing?…U r the best!!!

    • lol!!

      tell that to the Booker Prize people 🙂 Thanks for the vote of confidence, though…good to know I’m not wasting my time!

  8. Justina Oigbochie says

    girl…. that was really cool!!!!!!!!!!
    keep it up…..

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