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Nine Health Benefits of Jollof Rice

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When you Google “Health Benefits of Jollof Rice” (because you’re feeling guilty about the copious amounts of Jollof Rice you’re consuming), you get recipes. Recipes, I tell you. No one has bothered to write down the health benefits of Jollof Rice so I decided to do myself (and you) a favour by documenting them. This list is in no way, exhaustive. Feel free to add your own health benefits.

  1. Jollof Rice makes you happy. A study carried out in my house showed that family members are generally happier when lunch (or dinner) is shown to be Jollof Rice. It may be related to the release of oxytocin in the brain as our eyes register the pleasure that is a steaming heap of sinfully orange rice. And fried plantain.
  2. Jollof Rice contains tomatoes, peppers and onions. Tomatoes are good for you. They help prevent cancer. Peppers are good for you. They contain lots of vitamins. Onions are good for you. They reduce inflammation and heal infections.
  3. Jollof Rice contains rice. Rice is a well-known source of energy and fiber. Enough said.
  4. Jollof Rice strengthens family and friendship bonds. See number 1 above.
  5. Jollof Rice strengthens national bonds. See how Nigerians unite in solidarity against the Ghanaians over who makes superior Jollof Rice (free advice: Nigerians do). See how West Africans united against the Jamie Oliver Jollof Rice travesty.
  6. Jollof Rice brings back good memories, very key to good mental health. Think about it. Do you have any bad memories associated with jollof rice? Now think about eba. Or beans. Ehen.
  7. Jollof Rice goes well with red wine, which is good for your heart.
  8. Jollof Rice (when done properly) burns your pots. Scrubbing those pots is a workout for getting toned arms.
  9. Jollof Rice is a confidence booster, if you were worried about your less than stellar cooking record. Almost anyone can cook it, you don’t need to be a 5-star Michelin chef. It is very forgiving. It is almost impossible to mess up. I would have said impossible to mess up, but look at Jamie Oliver. Just look at.

It wouldn’t be right to leave you without a banging Jollof rice recipe. So here’s one from this blog. And here’s the full shebang on Now go forth and Jollof without guilt. What other benefits can you think of?


  1. ”Jollof Rice (when done properly) burns your pots. Scrubbing those pots is a workout for getting toned arms.” LMAO. I CANT.

    • My sister. I cooked jollof rice on Sunday. I’m still scrubbing the pot. A little everyday. I figure I’ll be all done by Friday. Lol.

  2. Enajyte says

    Beans is my fav meal and I have some bad weevil memories from it. Sigh. Okay, jollof rice is bae. Even though it’s still like number 5 on my food list.

    This post though. lmao

  3. 1. Jollof is only the second-best form of rice. It is a close second, but it is still second.

    White rice with properly-flavored and prepared stew >>>>> for ever and ever.

    2. No one is permitted to utter a bad word against eba. No one.

    I judge you, Osemhen.

    3. Everyone knows that beans is punishment and suffering in porridge form. ‘Nuff said.

    4. About Ghanaian ‘jollof.’

    Any country that uses basmati rice to make jollof cannot expect to have their opinions about jollof (and food in general) taken seriously. Even Jamie Oliver knew better.

    • Lol. Please. White Rice and stew is great. But what if you don’t have enough money to make stew? Ehen.
      It’s all fun and games with Eba till they’re forcing feeding it down your throat. Plus it gives one an instant pot belly.

      • Anonymous says

        jst as you were force to eat eba when u small.anyway l still like my eba wit correct efo soup wit enough kopmo,shaky,roundabout, feel like eating eba now

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    Osemhen is one of the two writers I have ever reblogged, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s just a delight to read! Here’s her take on the health benefits of jollof rice.

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    To mark World Jollof rice day (yes, there is such a thing and Yes, I was surprised as well), many people gave their take on what jollof rice means to them.
    Here’s Osemhen with the health benefits of jollof rice!
    Have you ever heard of party rice??
    Jollof rice is a religion!

  6. Anosi says

    Jollof rice for president. It deserves to be a course studied at school. It deserves its own album, its own blog, its own…
    *dreamy eyes*

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