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Osemhen's Vacation Chronicles: Day 1


So I’m finally on vacation. It’s many firsts. My first vacation by myself, no family or anything. My first trip to Europe. My first trip to the UK. Honestly, I wasn’t excited about it till about an hour ago. I didn’t plan to vacation alone, for starters. But I’d already booked my ticket when I discovered I’d be going alone. Oh well.

The trip was boring and sleep-filled. I arrived Manchester about 9 am and reported at the hotel I’d booked still sleepy. To my chagrin, the receptionist announced I couldn’t check-in till 2pm. Plenty English has been spoken but nothing for me. So I dropped my luggage with her and I’ve gone sight-seeing. As I type, I’m in Gatley. It’s cold (12 degrees C) but not half as bad as I imagined (n.b. I’m wearing 5 layers of clothing and I’m indoors :))

In my short walk, I’ve counted half a dozen barber shops. Hair cutting must be lucrative. I can’t find any bookshops yet, though. I’ve bought 2 coffees just so I can sit in the warm cafes. An oyinbo fella just bobbed his eyebrows at me. 😐

I bought a SIM at the neighbourhood Tesco. The cashiers, Emma and Dube (Kenyan/South African, I think) were so nice. I mean, I forgot my debit card there and Dube traced me to the first cafe I entered. They gave me scissors to cut my SIM to micro-size so it’d fit in my phone. I’m proud of myself for doing that successfully πŸ™‚

Right now, I’m waiting for my friend to come take me to the city centre. We plan to shop a bit, sight-see and visit a museum. Will keep you posted. Wish me luck! πŸ˜€



  1. Great stuff! Amazing how we’re both individually on our first vacations of this type at the same time πŸ˜€

  2. Maimunah says

    Make sure your friend takes you to Trafford centre, you’ll absolutely enjoy shopping there:)

  3. Lore says

    I took my first flight outside the country November last year. I really enjoyed the time and also kept a blog of sorts on my time there (it’s not seen the light of day though πŸ™‚ ).
    Please share your memorable moments with us- we look forward to hearing abut them and buy a lot of books πŸ™‚

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