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A king has 3 prisoners in his dungeon. They are to be executed but at the last moment, he has some mercy and proposes a game. He brings a bag with five tee-shirts. Each shirt is white in front, coloured behind. There are 2 shirts with red backs, and 3 shirts with blue backs. He has them all blindfolded, and then each prisoner has to pick a shirt and wear it.Still blindfolded, the king tells them that if a prisoner can correctly predict the colour on the back of the shirt he’s wearing, he will escape execution.

The three men are told to stand in a straight line, one in front of the other. The first man, standing at the front of the line, can’t see either of the men behind him or their shirts. The second man, in the middle, can see only the first man and his shirt. The last man, at the rear, can see both other men and their shirts.

None of the men can see the back of his own shirt (obviously). There is a loooooooooonng silence, and then the first one who can’t see anyone’s shirt says, “I know my colour.”

Riddle: How does he know his colour? And what is it?

Please let me know in the comments’ section if you’ve solved it. Don’t give away the answer! πŸ˜€

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  1. Lee says

    I’m not a smart person, so riddles are not my thing, I only have one question though. How can they possibly see through their blindfolds?

  2. Abdul says

    I know the answer, and exactly how…..a discerning mind is really needed πŸ™‚

  3. Tomide says

    Ofcos U can see any colour through white dats how he knows his colour

  4. Michelle says

    I am not good wiv riddles I must confess but I really want to know the answers. Thanks in anticipation

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  6. Tomilola says

    I don’t like to give up,but nothing seems to come to my head right now..I really wanna know the answer tho’. Please,the answer..omiwoletomilola @gmail.com..pleaaaaassssseeeeeee

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