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The Art of Balance: Creativity and Your Day-Job

My friend, Ozoz, is a phenomenon.

She’s a geologist, a blogger, a recipe creator, a “traveller by plate”, a photographer and a cook. She’s also a mom. She’s  given a TedTalk, appeared on TV a few times, held a photography exhibition and recently collaborated on #TechmeetsArtng.

I, on the other hand, struggle with staying awake long enough to update my blog.

Forget work-life balance. I’m not even sure what that is.

I think about this often: how to balance my day-job with my creative life, my social obligations, my family life, my spiritual life …and a need to sleep. Sleep is winning, I must admit.

Someone commented once that she’s not sure how I do everything. The truth is, I don’t. Some days, I should be writing and I just want to bake chocolate chip cookies instead. So I bake the cookies and eat them as I mindlessly scroll through Pinterest and Twitter.

I console myself with this TedTalk by Nigel Marsh. I’ve listed it in my post on the  5 TedTalks Every Young Professional should watch. In this particular TedTalk, Nigel jokes about being able to balance his life only after he quit his job. Lol.


Importantly, he talks about achieving work-life balance long term, not day-to-day. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Sometimes, work is pretty hectic for a month or so, and there’s no way to “balance” things without looking like a jerk to your team mates. And then, there are periods when things are sort of chill, and so you can easily take time off to do other stuff.

Still, I admit I could make more effort. So when @theIbukun pointed out on Instagram that the Google Calendar app allowed you to schedule your micro-goals, I immediately downloaded it. (Clearly I depend a lot on technology to keep my life organized. Re: my post on my favorite apps.)

I’m trying to kick off my old habit of doing “pages” first thing in the morning. I have to wake up early enough to write 3 pages in my journal. Rant and ramble. I got into it because I read The Artist’s Way last year.  I can do it. Technically, I’m awake feeding my lad at 4:30 am. But then once I’m done, I just want to close my eyes and catch the last 30 minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off. I told you sleep was winning.

What do you think? Do you have your life all balanced out? How do you do it? Or are you struggling too?

P.s. If you’ve asked me a question in the last few months (via comments, emails, the Facebook page or the contact box) that I’m yet to respond to, please resend it and I’ll get to it asap. Thanks!


  1. KacheeTee says

    “I think about this often: how to balance my day-job with my creative life, my social obligations, my family life, my spiritual life …and a need to sleep”.

    This pretty much sums it up. Sleep is important for me. But I seem to be cutting back on that a bit (I really used to overdo it) and I try to blog/journal/readmydevotional during my commute to work. It’s kind of hard tbh, but thankfully I don’t have much social obligations at the moment.

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  2. Girl. It’s definitely easier when you don’t have work. I just want to watch a movie or TV show instead nowadays. I have to MAKE myself do things. And some days, the day just slips through my fingers and an aspect (or two) of my life is completely ignored. It’s tough.

    I think it’s constant readjustment and making sure things stay somewhat balanced in the long term. Good job so far! It can’t be easy.

  3. Sleep is definitely always winning for me.
    It’s really a sad reality which I’m fighting (a bit too passively) to change.
    Maybe this balance will emerge once I leave school and get a real job? Who knows…

  4. Sleep and mindless watching of my favorite TV shows always win. But then again, I don’t have that much to balance. The main thing for me is that I want to write more, but I also have my “real life” to focus on: excel at school and/or work, so yeah the latter always wins too, somehow. I try to create a to do list everyday that I must adhere to. Following your advice on a previous post, I then try to “eat the frog” first. The problem is whenever I don’t complete my to-do list, I beat myself up too much, and then feel incredibly guilty. And I definitely feel that’s unhealthy too lol. It really is hard.

  5. Hi Osemhen,

    Lol… Nigel has cracked it! Work and life in the same sentence = oil and water.

    Ah, Ozoz is a wonder woman, her many hats always remind me that if I work hard enough then I can finally afford to have my self cloned. With five versions of myself, I’d conquer the world and do absolutely everything that I need to do with mouth-watering balance. 🙂

  6. Ikogho Ochuko says

    Working in any engineering field and having another interest is next to impossible for me. My difficulty with other interests is that they suck out your efficiency at work. My difficulty with work is that it sucks the life out of you.

    I have no idea how I’d cope, so I spend a whole lot of time in prayer in these early years, to hone out the unnecessary interests. Remember all things are lawful, but not all things edify. I really hate unfinished goals so I try to pray long enough to be sure it’s really worth it and not unnecessary stress on my head.

    Plus, if it helps, my cousin has a one post a month policy on her blog. That she barely reaches. Do give yourself a break. You’re doing quite well.

  7. When it comes to this, I know I will somehow someday win..
    Im a student trying my hand in blogging but it seems I’m overworking myself which sometimes makes me ditch blogging, then again i picked it up… I realized lately that all I need do is try harder and somehow, I will balance everything up…

  8. Brilliant!! I’d like to meet this your friend, I’m actually also a geologist, a blogger but a script writer instead. Oh and I’m not yet dad 😀 haha

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