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10 year old me vs. 21 year old me

Ten year old me was average height, skinny with a slight pot-belly, very tan and had a boy’s cropped hair cut (will locate picture soon). Ten year old had only one wish: more jeans, less housework. Ten year old me had no idea what she wanted to be in future and was flunking Math. Ten year old me held the 58th position (academically) in a class of about 80. (in my defense, the average age in that class was 11 :)) Ten year old was just a regular kid, period.
Fast forward, eleven years, and I’m taking stock of my life, wondering if the younger me would approve. The image in my head is of her penning me a letter (email?) so here goes.

Dear 21-year-old me,


Glad to see that you (I?) finally figured out what to do with yourself (myself). I would’ve chosen something more glamorous than engineering, though. Oh well…

You write? Cool! Can’t understand why you haven’t completed a book, though. Nice book collection, by the way but why no Mills and Boon?

I expected you to be taller and more fashionable, I guess. Mom would be pleased you’re so light, she keeps nagging about me spending so much time in the sun. You have acne….oh no!! What happened to your hair, shouldn’t it be longer? And shouldn’t you be engaged by now? You have a crush on who? Him? Are you nuts?!

Whatever happened to *****? Haha! He did? And you turned him down? Are you for real??  Why? Wow!!! 😀

I like your friends, they’re cool. Didn’t expect you to be so…good. I like that you didn’t put on weight but you should be taller, shouldn’t you? Sigh.  So what are your plans now? Oh, interesting…



As you can see I was a rude, insensitive brat! So final prognosis? You tell me!


  1. HAshim says

    Now @21 ur not rude…i wouldnt say insensitive i wud say bold…which is good, if contained..hehehe….
    and yea i think jennie is right u shudav been more girly 😛

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  3. Mercy (Kaud Mund) says

    lol!10 year old you was something!
    reading ur stuff is interesting!
    the Letter gives us a summarized view
    of ur life! shld i say life’s story!
    someone can tell so much abt u by jst
    reading this letter!
    says so little but then says alot too!
    good stuff!!!!!!!!!!

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