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5 TedTalks Every Young Professional Should Watch

TedTalks are my second favourite podcast series to listen to, after The New Yorker Fiction Series. I think I get just a little bit smarter every time I hear one. Sadly, however I find myself with less time to listen. Going to fix that, I promise.

In the mean time, I thought I’d share my faves with you this fine Monday morning. Kickstart the work-week with these inspirational TedTalks that make you want to give yourself a rousing pep-talk in the bathroom mirror. You can do this! You’re winning! You’ve got this! You’ll make it! Let’s Go!

  1. Meg Jay’s provocative message on reclaiming the most defining decade of your life: Why 30 is not the new 20.
  2. Sheryl Sandberg’s insightful talk that kind of summarises her book, Lean In (a.k.a. The Feminist Manifesto): Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders. 
  3. Shawn Achor’s utterly funny talk on how happiness actually leads to success, and not the other way round: The Happy Secret to Better Work.  
  4. Nigel Marsh’s inspirational argument on how to make work-life balance work. Hint: it’s your job, not your employer’s.  
  5. Amy Cuddy’s eye-opening expose on how our body language impacts our success by raising or lowering our self-confidence. 

Hope you enjoy them (and share with your friends)! Do you listen to TedTalks often? Which are your favourites? If this is your first time hearing about Ted, did you like these ones?


  1. Hello Mrs Akhibi-Okenyi, Meg Jay’s Why 30 is not the new 20 is one of my all time favorite TED talks. I am always recommending it to young people. Thanks for sharing.

    How about Alain de Botton’s A kinder gentler philosophy of success? I absolutely love that one too

    • I haven’t watched Alain’s. Will check it out. I stumbled on Meg Jay’s talk by mistake. Her ideas are crucial; I do feel that many of us (especially those brought up in relative privilege) feel like our 20s are more for playing around. And I think guys are most likely to fall victim to that mindset, precisely because they don’t feel they have a biological clock.

  2. I am obsessed with Ted Talks. Thanks for this!! And yeah, Amy Cuddy’s and Shawn Achor’s are two of my favorites. If you haven’t, you can also listen to Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts.” Loved it also.

    • I saw that one recently. I’ve always identified as an introvert who isn’t shy. Lol. But the general consensus by people who know me is that I’m an extrovert. I wonder why.

  3. Mitchell says

    Are TedTalks the same as TedEx? Cos I’ve listened to a TedEx talk by Chimamanda and I kept saying yes! yes! It was on feminism obviously lol. I’ll try and listen to the ones you recommended. I’m all for being smarter lol.

  4. Love these talks. Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Do schools kill creativity’ is one of my all time favorite TED Talk. Funny and makes you think. You might like it.

  5. wow just watched 1-3 and my goodness there are really insightful! I’ve been a great fan of ted talks. Have you watched Josh’s TED talk on how to learn any new thing in just 20hrs or Tai’s ted talk on how to read a book a day? they are awe-inspiring. Thanks again for this.
    much love, George

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