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The Absurdity of Political Correctness.

I think the Westerners may just have lost the plot.

About a month ago, a Christian couple in the UK lost an adoption bid in court. The judges ruled that precisely because they were Christian (read fundamental, traditional, politically incorrect bigots), they would no longer be allowed to adopt children in the UK. They feared that the couple would discourage homosexuality in their children, and might stifle any budding homosexuality tendencies children in their charge might develop.

*Shrug* Not my business. Note to self: don’t try adopting children in the UK.

Then about two weeks ago, the Australian Human Rights Commission, front runner for everything ‘politically-correct’ decided that gender could no longer be restricted to male or female. Check it, they now have twenty-three (23!) different genders. That’s right. In Australia, you can be transgender, trans, transsexual, intersex, androgynous, agender, cross dresser, drag king, drag queen, genderfluid, genderqueer, intergender, neutrois, pansexual, pan-gendered, third gender, third sex, sistergirl and brotherboy. (I just googled ‘neutrois’). Or you could be boring male/female. 😛 I’m not even going to attempt suggestions at what could replace the pronouns “he” and “she”.

Mommy, is Jordan a boy or a girl?

Um, he’s/she’s/it’s… genderfluid?

This time, I couldn’t just shrug. I’m thinking, “Are these people mad? Or am I the one going insane?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but biology texts still define gender as a function of physiology. First, gender is not a function of emotion, feelings, thoughts or sexual inclination.  I’m a girl. Seyi is a boy. How hard is that?  Male/Female. It’s about the way you are. Deal with it!

Let me use this analogy. When countries like Australia start outlining multiple genders based on what people feel like being, it’s tantamount to Albinos deciding to have their own race. Imagine if Nigerian albinos said they didn’t want to be identified as Africans because they weren’t black. ???!!!!

Let’s not get overly politically correct here. Right now, I hear some animal rights group has petitioned Bible translators to put out a version that is more animal-friendly. You know, refer to animals as “he/she” instead of “it”. *raised eyebrow*.

The thing is, all these stories make for great anecdotes at parties and gatherings where we can shake our heads at ‘crazy oyinbo’. But we should also keep an eye on the documents/charters/agreements/protocols that our leaders in Abuja are signing and agreeing to. I’m all for rights of association and rights to pursue happiness. And even though it’s none of my business, I think people who “want” to be gay should be allowed to. Their cup of tea. But I also believe in people’s rights to hold opinions that differ. Couples like the British one above should not have to suffer the indignity of being refused children for adoption because of their beliefs.

Once upon a time, I would’ve have sworn that such could never, ever happen in Africa. But as we become more and more reliant on the West for military and financial aid, our leaders may end up signing some charter with fine print they won’t bother to read. And then we too (because we try so hard not to carry last), will outline another twenty genders.  I’m counting though, on a good dose of African commonsense. I daresay Africa may end up the last frontier in this battle against absurdity.


  1. Lol…this post was beautifully written…signs of the endtime my dear… If its any consolation, these are the better days cos it gets progressively absurd!

  2. Oki Abiodun says

    This piece reminds me of an aphorism “two things are infinite , the universe and man’s stupidity , I am not sure of the first”lol
    Soon people will be sued for dressing too decent! Infact , a country has taken steps to that effect!
    I like the write -up.It is enlightening to say the least , and congratulations on the shortlist…Adios!

  3. Beautifully written. Enlightening piece. While i read through it, i thought, ‘seriously, what is going on? Have they run out of issues to resolve? Now they have to invent new genders for people.

    It’s ridiculous. Hmmn…

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