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Food Hacks: For the Love of Moin-Moin

I wish I could say I was adapting to motherhood. But it’s not exactly true, is it? Motherhood doesn’t give room for “adaptation”. It seizes its share of your life, your time, your space.  And I could go on and on about how it’s a good kind of “baby takeover” or conversely, how important I think it is to maintain one’s autonomy in the face of a baby’s subtle manipulation (lol!) but this is not that kind of post.  No, it’s not. I want to talk about food instead. Specifically, I want to talk about moi-moi.    If Nigerians were into superfoods and all what not, moi-moi would be a superfood. It ticks all the right boxes. High-protein (especially when filled with fish), check. Bulky enough to be filling, check. Nutty umami-ness, check. I love moi-moi. I’m not so crazy about all the work required to make it. These days, though, I’m making it once a week. Thanks to two hacks I discovered about roughly the same time. The first is bean flour. No, not the …