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Changes, Mid-Year Reviews and A Book I Loved



I’m so sorry for the long silence. I’m right in the middle of moving from one flat to another and while it’s not super hectic (because we’re taking our sweet time), it is taking up a lot of my energy.

The 21-Day Challenge‘s ended! How did it go for you? I enjoyed it immensely (even though I skipped a few days, sha). I feel more…zen. And it forced me into a habit of only seeing the good things. I might have winked at my reflection a few times.

And it’s halfway through the year. How are your plans going? Your resolutions? I feel slightly anxious about work. I’m getting to a place where I feel like I need a change, and soon. We’ll see…

What books are you reading? A colleague at work recommended “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion and I gobbled it in two days. Loved it. It’s the kind of love story I like and I could totally relate to the main character because I’m slightly obsessive too. Lol.

I still have one more article to post on caring for relaxed hair but I’m waiting for pictures (Looking at you, Chioma 🙂 ). Hopefully, I’ll get it out soon. I’m also working on another post on natural hair, so stay tuned.

I’ll leave you now with the latest article that’s inspired me: Never Put Work Before Life. I’m going to be more outdoorsy! So help me, God. See you next week! Have a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Jite says

    Mid year review. ..hmmm…I should totally do that…but I might score zero on all fronts…sighs…oh well. ..its all good. All the very best at your job Ose.

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