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Father's Day!

I don’t know if he’ll see this post, my Dad is taking his precious time with using the internet…

Daddy owns a printing press, and as any small business owner can tell you, it’s not easy having an irregular source of income. Sometimes, we hit jackpot and live like kings (Haha! Get it, Jackpot? Kings? ok, never mind!). Other times…hmmm but it’s okay, ’cause we’re together and that’s what matters. So here’s a tribute to my dad!

  1. For making all these personal sacrifices so we can eat, school and stay warm.
  2. For all the worrying.
  3. For being brave enough to let us venture out on our own.
  4. For being proud of our achievements.
  5. For being our biggest fan.
  6. For ignoring our protests against curfews.
  7. For all the dreams that were subsumed by parenthood.
  8. For wanting the best for us and the willingness to do anything for that.
  9. For letting us know that being expelled for fighting was ok, but not for stealing!
  10. For silly, Waffi jokes.
  11. For … creative (lack of a better word!) cooking.
  12. For troubling those who trouble us! a.k.a kicking the ass of the teachers who dared to flog us!
  13. For being strong and dependable.
  14. For teaching us to question laid theories.
  15. For teaching us to read, and read well.

And so many more!

To all the dads out there, who have to put up with kids with brains that seem the size of peanuts, self-destruct offspring, untidy wannabe bums, chin up!

Beneath the grumpy glares and the muttering under our breath, we love you to bits.  Trust me on this…

Happy Father’s Day!

p.s. To the guy who will someday be the father of my adorable children :), Happy Father’s Day, too!


  1. MistaWest. says

    This years fathers day was the first one I have seen Kenyans trying to celebrate.
    Today there was a discussion on a certain radio station where they asked the listeners how they celebrated fathers day(and fatherhood in general). I could not help but notice the men who called in complaining about being unappreciated.
    Most people called the station and cursed absentee fathers or fathers who mistreated them. Your father is amongst an endangered species of good African men, where the majority only provide basic needs(some choose to dodge their parental obligations)and notice their kids only when they misbehave. Most of my friends either didn’t grow up with their fathers or have very strained relationships with them.
    Your father provides you and others with a good example on how to raise well rounded human beings. You are very blessed. I hope I will be like him in future.

    • Thanks!
      I think the best thing is to accept your very human parents, and to appreciate the love they give…and close a blind eye to their imperfections. My Dad’s not perfect but he has these chivalrous ideas of what a father should be, so that works out fine….
      If i could change one thing, though, it’d be his temper but on second thought, maybe not…Growing up with him developed my boldness (if i can stand up to him, i can stand up to anyone!) and gave me low tolerance for intimidation!
      I hope you’ll be way better than him, though…and the fact that you so obviously want to be a good dad puts you on the right track!

  2. Hafsat says

    A nice dedication to an obviously brave man, kudos to your Dad.

    I got a question though, I have a problem with these holidays – Fathers day, Mothers day, Valentines day, Children’s day (am I forgetting any?). Why dedicate just one day in a 365 day year to appreciate these wonderful set of people? Shouldn’t that be a daily thing? I mean, my Father did not become a Father on June 20, so why is that the day I am asked to appreciate him? My Mum did not become a Mum on Mother’s day (whenever that is) so why do we need those days?

    I understand Workers day as workers cannot have everyday off…but Mothers, Fathers, Childrens and Valentines day – why? I do not have anything against it apart from the commercialised thing these holidays have turned precious sentiments to…take Vals day for instance…that’s probably the most commercialised version of love ever!

    • True…but on these days, we show them extra, extra, extra love, I guess.
      Valentine’s Day is a scam. Simon Elvin and Hallmark sponsor the hype so they can sell cards 🙂

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