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Food Hacks: For the Love of Moin-Moin

I wish I could say I was adapting to motherhood. But it’s not exactly true, is it? Motherhood doesn’t give room for “adaptation”. It seizes its share of your life, your time, your space. 

And I could go on and on about how it’s a good kind of “baby takeover” or conversely, how important I think it is to maintain one’s autonomy in the face of a baby’s subtle manipulation (lol!) but this is not that kind of post. 

No, it’s not. I want to talk about food instead. Specifically, I want to talk about moi-moi. 

  If Nigerians were into superfoods and all what not, moi-moi would be a superfood. It ticks all the right boxes. High-protein (especially when filled with fish), check. Bulky enough to be filling, check. Nutty umami-ness, check. I love moi-moi. I’m not so crazy about all the work required to make it.

These days, though, I’m making it once a week. Thanks to two hacks I discovered about roughly the same time.

The first is bean flour. No, not the commercial ones with their weird chemical taste. This bean flour is homemade. Simply soak beans, peel them, sun-dry for as long as necessary and then mill it. Voila! I like this hack because it saves time in the long run. When I’m ready to eat moi moi, I simply blend the flour with peppers and onions and in less than 5 minutes, I have moi-moi batter. 

  Another hack is to peel beans with a food processor but I’ve never quite gotten the hang of that.

Yet a third hack is to forget about peeling the beans and simply blend soaked beans with onions and peppers. I haven’t tried this either but I hear it doesn’t make a difference in taste.

I’m seriously considering milling dry, unpeeled beans. No, it’s not laziness. Lol. I mean, didn’t you hear that the skin of the beans holds the majority of the protein content?

Anyhow, guess what else I found? Silicone moi-moi moulds. That’s right. Someone came up with this nifty product so I don’t have to wrap my moi-moi in banana leaves. Because I don’t even have the strength right now.

   I like the fact that they have little lids. Basically, I transfer these babies from the pot to the fridge to the microwave oven to  my lunch bag. Silicone wrap 1, banana leaves 0. Convenient, check.

The manufacturers claim you can also bake muffins with the moulds but trapezium-shaped desserts aren’t my thing right now. I can see that happening in my future, though. I can also use them as food molds for when I want to get fancy with presentation.
If you’re going to use them for moi-moi, I’d recommend you lightly grease the insides first. My experience was that it made it easier to get the moi moi out.

And I can’t believe I just did a whole blog post on moi-moi. Lol. Okay, I’m going now. At least, I’ve done a post. 

P.s. Disclaimer: This is not an ad or a sponsored post. However, the manufacturers did send me a pack for review purposes. If you’d like to buy a pack, here’s their store.

P.p.s. If you’re wondering which recipe I use, I modified this one from 


  1. I have to try thiss! Also need these silicon moulds. Great life hack. Aint nobody got time to be peeling beans.

  2. Yay! It does not matter if you wrote on Moi Moi. You wrote us a post! See, that means you have fully adapted to motherhood that there’s time for writing.

    Oh gosh. Moi Moi is BAE. Good Moi Moi that is. I love love love it. But making it eh, the process. I’ve used the food processor method to peel the beans and it’s quite easier to do. These days some people also bake a huge portion at once on a baking pan. Nigerian food bloggers have really taken Moi Moi to another level.

    Have a great weekend Hun!. xx

    • I’m going to write an ode to Nigerian food bloggers soon. 😀 They’re the reason I don’t starve.

  3. This hack is exciting o! Going to have to try it because I love moinmoin and the reason I don’t make it is time to peel beans. But yas to this. and I misssed your posts! so yay!

  4. Hi Osemhen,

    Ah, the idea of bean flour is so convenient, I’m definitely going to look for this. Imagine the ease of whipping up akara pancakes!

    Moi moi preparation is such a big production at home, the many steps before the steamed cakes sit prettily on plates would make a very hungry person quite cranky. The moi-moi moulds remove that stressful step, I like how colourful they are. I heard that silicon is considered safer than plastic.

    I love the distinct taste of moin-moin steamed in leaves, I believe the leaves add a nice “native” flavour.

    Thank you so much for sharing this kitchen hack. 🙂

  5. Hmm, being a mother is a beautiful thing, while its quite stressful I believe its very much worth it. moimoi for me doesn’t go well without garri or bread, what about you?

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