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God Has A Sense of Humour

When I do my daily prayers, I try to make resolutions based on the promptings I receive. Nothing major. It could be to call someone I haven’t spoken to in a while, or to write someone a letter. It could be to give up social media for a day, or to eat no sugar. Just normal stuff. Well, yesterday I resolved that I would be cheerful all of today, no matter what. I promised God I would smile through out today.

Guess what?

I woke up late. I flew into and out of the bathroom in record time, dressed hurriedly and then began to throw all my stuff into my sling backpack. Books. gadgets. Wristwatch. External Hard Drive. Everything went into the bag. Then I rushed to breakfast. Half an hour later, I realize that the cord for my hard drive has broken at the connection point to the drive. No wahala. I remove it. Try a new cord with the hard disk. It doesn’t work. I realize that one of the pins is bent. I take it to the IT guys, they jam another cord into it, pushing the bent pin farther in. I’m already in a mo-ku-mo-gbe-mo-daran* frame of mind. All my work is on this disk. It is the back-up of my work documents and my PC. Without it…

At this point, my smiles are thinner and forced. I’m ignoring people’s questions, or snapping at them. All the tasks I planned  to complete have been pushed to the side. All that matters is getting the hard disk to work. Which it doesn’t.

Why me, God? Why today? I’m about to start on a self-pity fest when I remember my resolution from yesterday. To be cheerful, NO MATTER WHAT. Lol! I just started laughing. How much of a coincidence can it be? That on the very day I resolve to be cheerful, something like this happens?

In Evan Almighty, Morgan Freeman has a line that goes something like: When God wants to teach you patience, He doesn’t just drop it on you. He  sends situations that try your patience.

So this is my lesson in cheerfulness. Lol. I accept it cheerfully. Still, if there’s anyone out there who can fix my hard disk based on what I’ve said, I’d be really grateful. Please share this with your friends. Have a wonderful Sunday!


*”mo ku, mo gbe, mo daran” translates as I’m so dead, I’m finished, I’m in trouble!


  1. You might need a new hard drive. Some computer village-like people can open your hard drive and mount it elsewhere so you can recover stuff from it before throwing it away.

    One of my scariest prayers is, God keep me humble.

  2. “I’m so dead, I’m
    finished, I’m in trouble!”
    Nice writing!

    Hope the hard disk issue was solved.

    And yes, sometimes God has a sense of humor.

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