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For the Aluu 4: I'm Sorry…

I can’t help it, the pictures are everywhere. The Aluu4. And from the first time I saw the bloody pictures, all I could say was, “I’m sorry.”

I don’t know why I apologize. To Tekena, and Ugonna. To Llyod and Chidiaka. I didn’t try to watch the video; the pictures gave me goosebumps and made me cry and I figured the least I could do was respect the boys by not watching their death. And all I can say is, I’m sorry, so sorry, so sorry, so very sorry.

And I don’t care what they did, or didn’t do. Because I have brothers, I have cousins, I have friends. And I think I can imagine how hard it is to be a guy in this country, and stopped by policemen for no reason other than gender. And no one deserves to die on suspicion. No one deserves to not have a second chance.

I’m sorry Nigeria is the way she is.

I’m sorry we’re grooming a people who think nothing of killing another.

I’m sorry we are cowards, and cannot stand up to defend another’s right to life.

I’m sorry that our policemen are the way they are.

I’m sorry that things are so hard, and people so desperate.

I’m sorry that our leaders don’t seem to care.

I’m sorry that we show no commitment to making our country better.

I’m sorry because they were just kids. 19 year olds. What could they have possibly done? Did they kill someone?

I’m sorry because this happens every day but we don’t hear about it, or we ignore it.

I’m sorry because even now, I don’t know how to make anything better.


  1. CuriousShe says

    My thoughts exactly.
    What hurts the most is as you said, even now, I don’t know how to help.

  2. Femi Daniel says

    I am convinced this write-up is not a “show” of literary skills
    We’ve all been hurt…
    No matter the attempts to ignore…
    But what we do with the hurt is what matters…
    Now that we can watch jungle justice being meted on a fellow human…
    Now that we can replay the scenes on our phones and laptops…
    It has driven the message further home, that mankind has to rise from the savagery that lies latently in us…
    And so we all must say “Never Again’.

  3. And that’s what saddens me the most; the fact that I feel so helpless, where does one start? How can I contribute to being a part of the solution, not the problem?

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