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Letter to 10 year old me

So a while ago, I rummaged through my diaries and ‘wrote’a letter basically to me. Ten year old me (she answered to Jennifer) wrote to 21 year old me. You can read it at

This is the reply.

Dear ten year old me,

Hi, there.  You’ll be happy to know I turned out pretty ok considering what a nuisance you were! 😛

I now live in Surulere (bet you didn’t see that coming!). I’m through with Uni; ended up going to Unilag, oh! It’s not half as bad as you imagine, don’t worry. And no you(we?) didn’t flunk one bit, contrary to what you might think!

The next few years are going to be the most tumultous of your life; two major tragedies and a house move. Mega sucks, but you’ll cope. Understatement! You’ll astonish yourself with how strong you are. You end up being best friends with Folake Dosunmu (you don’t even know her now!) and Ebiere Oki. Yes, Ebiere Oki!! And you’ll find them the best things that could happen to you in secondary school. They keep you sane, and from going up too bloody fast!!

90% of the people you wanted to be friends with and impress? The ones you thought were so cool in senior secondary school? Not so cool, later on, by the way. Including ALL your crushes, haha…you’ve got weird taste!!

You’ll have the coolest adventures, and all in all, you’ll be thankful for who you are…:)

If I could give you any advice, though this would be it.

  1. Tell Mom you love her everyday moment!
  2. Don’t fight so much with lil bro.
  3. Don’t try so hard to roll with the ‘cool’ people. They turn out pretty lame.
  4. Just be you!
  5. Tell your Physics, Chemistry and Math. teachers thank you all the time! I can’t find any of them now to say it 🙁
  6. Don’t ever, ever, ever stop writing. It helps you weather a lot of storms and you turn out pretty good at it.
  7. Don’t pick your zits.
  8. Don’t date till you’re 18. Trust me!
  9. You’ll get hurt but cry over it and let go. And no matter what you think, it’ll pass.
  10. Don’t be so dismissive of people. Half of the people you scorn end up being so, so important!
  11. Pay attention to your friends, your real friends.
  12. Always keep a diary.
  13. Keep said dairy very well. Especially from Dad!!!
  14. Don’t drift from God, love.
  15. Don’t straighten your hair.

I’m so proud you’re a part of me. I couldn’t imagine being anyone else at age 10.

Sincerely, forever you,

21-going-on-22 you!


  1. Ovie says

    i feel the 10 year old is still evident
    in this 21 year old… a manner..

  2. Mercy (Kaud Mund) says

    some great lessons learnt along the way i wld say!
    lessons i second!
    lessons i wld give my lil sis or daughter!
    ten year old you turned out great i wld say!

    oh why do u hate vampires so much?????????

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