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My All Time Favourite Beauty Tips

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  1. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Water is, usually, free. And it does this whole detoxifying and rehydrating thing that just makes your skin glow from inside out, something all those $437 creams can’t.
  2. Black eyeliner and clear lip-gloss are so in! Don’t ask me how or why but I think they give you a timeless exotic-ness. So go easy on the rest of the makeup, keep it simple.
  3. Exfoliate your face once or twice a week. Any good scrub will do,ย  just make sure you read the label to confirm you don’t react to any of the ingredients (I react to alcohol, for instance). If you aren’t sure, why not go natural? Mix a little oatmeal (a tablespoon) with hot water to form a paste, add a dollop of honey, spread on your face and massage in forย  about a minute. Voila! Clear skin.
  4. Lose the expensive facial washes. Mild soap works best for your face. I recommend baby soap, or Dove or Ose Dudu (black, native soap).
  5. Avoid using your body towel on your face. I don’t understand the philosophy behind this, all I know is my acne reduced drastically once I got a dedicated face towel.
  6. Eat healthy as much as you can. I love fried plantain, but hate my spots. Guess what I hardly eat anymore?!
  7. Don’t pick your zits. Apply a little shea/cocoa butter on them when they appear till they completely heal over. That way, you avoid those awful scars.
  8. Follow relaxer/conditioner directions faithfully. To Hades with what the salon girl says, she won’t be there when your hair falls out!
  9. Wash your hair at least once a fortnight, steam your hair at least once a month. This automatically means you really shouldn’t keep your weaves for 6 weeks. And you can steam your hair at home; one egg yolk, a spoon of honey and two spoons of olive oil makes a cheap, hair-steam application. Wash your hair, apply the mix, slip on a shower cap and rinse out an hour later.
  10. Smile. Like you mean it.

So which is your favourite? Which doesn’t belong on the list? And which suggestions have I missed? ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. hashim says

    Favorite gna b number 6..haha..u ddnt add walking..itz a fast,easy way to excercise..sleep is also missing!!

  2. You know, you may be right about the mild soap. I’ll totally try baby soap and using a dedicated face towel. I’d recommend staying away from relaxers altogether, but you know where I stand on that ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, baby powder. Great stuff.

  3. Anna_Tols says

    You forgot mints! I always have sugar free gum (orbit) in my bag since a “nice” co-worker told me i had milk-breath after coffee. I also take it after fragrant meals(like fish and yes chicken, not everyone is happy knowing u eat chicken everyday):-))

  4. ayodeji says

    Nice read. Water, check! Eat healthy, hell no! Will try the face towel.
    P.S: wats up with ur twitter account. Great way to spread the blog word

    • i hate twitter! (there i said it! :D)
      truth is, i think the blog is narcissistic enough without me tweeting my every cough, breakfast and annoyance. but someday, i just might dig it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • KacheeTee says

        You hate Twitter? Lol! Another thing we (had?) in common. Could never get the hang of it but now it seems to be my favourite social media.

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