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My Big Fat Nigerian Wedding: Five Favorite Moments

On November 29th, I would’ve been married “traditionally” for one year.

Looking back now, I realize I never blogged about the whole experience of planning a “typical” Nigerian wedding. So in honour of this anniversary, I want to share my five favorite moments from the event we dubbed “The Carnival”.

  1. The first timeΒ K saw me in all my regal Esan splendour/glory: Lol! Esan women love their coral beads. I’m not often vain but even I recognize that I must have looked a sight. I wore almost 8 lbs worth of coral jewelry. I felt like royalty, like an Edo warrior princess. I didn’t want to take off that outfit. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments and I loved it.
  2. The entrance dance: I think I only vaguely appreciated the fact that it was my traditional wedding when I woke up that morning. I had a sense that I was a participant, and nothing more. I was dispelled of that notion the moment K and I danced in. There was this roar of appreciation and then suddenly, we were surrounded by people dancing, laughing, shouting. And I realized, OMG! All these people are here because of us! We’re celebrities! Mama, we made it! Lol. I hadn’t expected to enjoy it that much.
  3. Seeing my friends in their self-styled asoebi: I didn’t make arrangements for aso-ebi. I barely even decided on colours. I picked the easiest colour combination I could think of: red and gold. I told my friends to wear what they wanted and they made their own aso-ebi. *sniff* It was brilliant of them. Lol. They fulfilled their aso-ebi itch, and they did it without involving me. So stress-free. I loved the idea.
  4. Watching the Igbagbonelimin: Igbagbonelimin are the traditional Esan masquerades. I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a little girl and I knew I had to have them at my wedding. I wasn’t disappointed.
  5. The final dance:Β This was the one were all our friends really danced too. It was fab.

    You can watch the trailer video here:

Hope you enjoyed reading! Have I given you any ideas? Brought back memories? Let’s gist in the comments’ section πŸ™‚


  1. May God bless you both with long life,perfect health,joy and prosperity. May you both grow old together surrounded by God’s abundant favor,grace and mercy. Amen!

  2. Anonymous says

    You looked very beautiful. I had a low keyed traditional marriage. It was perfect for me cos that was what I wanted. I didn’t plan anything. I let my mom and my husband do it and it was awesome. (lazy me).

    • Lol! Lucky you. Thanks 😊 We had a big trad because we wanted to have a very small white wedding. It was surprisingly easy to plan. Then again, our relatives pitched in.

  3. You looked very beautiful. I had a low keyed traditional marriage. It was perfect for me cos that was what I wanted. I didn’t plan anything. I let my mom and my husband do it and it was awesome. (lazy me).

  4. A beautiful day it was… 😊 It’s just like yesterday, oh how time flies, bringing back Sweet memories! I was there life, lmao. #AllShadesavLoveandBeauty Simply Wow!!!

  5. Joyce says

    May God bless you and your husband. I wish you many blessings and happiness that marriage will bring. You will grow old together with your husband and enjoy your children.
    I also wish you God’s peace and speed. Happy anniversary.

  6. Wikitee says

    Awww. Happy Tradversay Ose and Kingsley. We had to make our own colony aso ebi na . When u wanted to dull us. We had to represent. Glad you loved our surprise.

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  8. Isioma says

    I smiled and smiled and smiled.
    Happy Anniversary, Nne.
    God bless you both!

  9. ramblingtart says

    So beautiful! I found your blog today via Kitchen Butterfly and am so glad I did. πŸ™‚ I loved seeing all these pictures of radiant, happy people celebrating you and your husband. πŸ™‚

  10. Mitchell says

    Happy tradversary in arrears. And I am with you on that no asoebi thing. I don’t like stress in this life that I have come. If friends and family want to do asoebi, it’s totally up to them. They should not involve me abeg lol. And yes for the “high key” trad so can have low key white. I’ll actually rather have low key everything but I know I wont’t be able to have my way all the way so I’ll sacrifice the trad. All these are hypothetical o. I never see the man yet lol. Anyway beautiful pictures. You and your husband looked awesome.

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