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My Pregnancy Diary: Part 2

Thank you to everyone who responded to my call for feedback in my last post! It was very helpful and I will definitely be taking your ideas onboard. The winners of the giveaway are Ife, Sumbo and Nikki *rings bell* Congratulations! I’ll contact you directly on how to get your prizes. For everyone else, don’t worry. I have more giveaways planned this year! Now on to today’s post.

Announcing our Baby

I must be honest. Kae and I discussed whether going public with our pregnancy would be a good thing. The typical thing is to keep it private. Understandably. On one hand, there’s the superstition associated with sharing good news. Some believe it attracts envy, jealousy, ill-feelings, “bad bele” and in some cases, voodoo against the unborn child. Some others just want to enjoy these precious moments with only family members and close friends. And besides, being private about it means no awkward explanations are needed if there’s a miscarriage, a still-birth or other complications. Then there’s aesthetics. There are women who don’t think they look good pregnant.  Between the chloasma (skin darkening), the weight gain, the acne and the wide nose (Kae was the first to point this out to me; I’d never noticed a difference in the noses of pregnant women), the last thing they want is to share pictures of themselves.

We considered all these things. And then decided to just do it.

And the responses have been good. Everyone has been so kind and encouraging. It’s been one more reminder that pregnancy (and motherhood) doesn’t have to entail a radical change in lifestyle, so help us God. (Is that snickering I hear in the background?) Lol.

Some Random Things I  Learned Along The Way

  1. Potash is bad for pregnant women.
  2. Rock salt is bad for pregnant women (main spice in Oghwo soup).
  3. Uda/Enge (the pepper soup spice) is bad for pregnant women. It’s actually supposed to help flush out lochia postpartum so I can understand how they’d be counter-productive before delivery.


    Uda Spice. Photo credit:

  4. Sleeping on your back is bad according to the Internet. So many nights, I woke up to find myself belly up. I’d panic that the weight of my womb had cut off my child’s oxygen supply. I’d hold my breath till I felt the baby move. (My ob-gyn indulgently pointed out that if it was bad for me, my body would let me know. I’d get too uncomfortable way before I harmed the baby or myself).
  5. Driving through pothole-ridden roads will not induce labour. Kae was quite pleased to discover this. He stopped driving carefully. Lol.
  6. Nigerians will not let you skip to the beginning of the queue in banks even with your big belly. At best, they will point you towards the nearest bench to wait your turn.
  7. Turning over in bed is next to impossible.
  8. You will feel aches in parts of your pelvis you didn’t even know existed.
  9. Yoruba people call babies in the womb “Atinuke”. It literally means, “Something that’s being cared for in the belly”. How cool is that?
  10. You know the prayer “You will deliver like a Hebrew woman”? I did some research on how Hebrew women delivered. They delivered in a squat position. That’s right, squatting between two birthing stones. They did lots of exercise and walking around during their pregnancies and they ate relatively healthy. So yeah, delivery like a Hebrew woman starts with living a Hebrew woman lifestyle. No pain, no gain, Sister.

Third Trimester

Baby is kicking harder now. Kae can feel the movements. I think Baby likes John Legend and I can prove it. All I have to do is play “All of Me” and my stomach starts to quiver in excitement. Lol. Or maybe the quivers are in protest. I found out babies hiccup in the womb, and they cry too. Did you know?

My stomach is a full-blown basket ball. Since my 2nd trimester, I have religiously massaged my belly with a wild concoction I made of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and 5 different oils. I will blog that recipe later. Unfortunately, I only massaged my belly. It is as smooth as a ball. The darned stretch-marks I was trying so hard to avoid have now appeared on my hips and thighs. Lol. I can’t even cry.

I’m determined not to waddle so I make sure I hold myself up and walk straight. But sometimes, I’m tired. Tired and achy and the waddle is the only way I can get myself from point A to B with minimum effort.


A Romain Lettuce, people

I’m using an app called Ovia to track my pregnancy and it’s actually not bad. It’s just that some of the references go right over my head. Your baby is now the size of a nectarine or an artichoke or an acorn squash or a Napa cabbage or a Romain lettuce… I find myself googling exotic vegetables so that I have some idea what they’re talking about.
We need a Nigerian app for these things, guys. I need an app that tells me, Your baby is the size of a truck-driver’s portion of eba… Your baby is the size of Derica… Amen?

I think about whether or not I will share pictures of baby on the blog or social media. On one hand, I would like to. It’s a thing of joy and baby pictures are cute, mostly. On the other hand, I think babies and children have a right to their own privacy and dignity. And so if they can’t give their consent to having their pictures online, then I owe it to not take it for granted just because I’m a parent.

Does this make sense? Only God knows what the world will be like in 2037 and the last thing I’d want is for my child’s future employer to google him/her and start bringing up baby pictures. It won’t matter if I’ve deleted it by then; Google might still have it cached somewhere. And I’ve learned the hard way that it’s almost impossible to delete images you don’t want from the internet. I’d rather my children made the decision themselves of what pictures they wanted to put up.

I don’t know. I’m still discussing it with Kae and we haven’t made a decision yet. Let’s see how it goes.

Delivery is in a few weeks and I pray for strength. This Christmas, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the Virgin Mary giving birth by herself in a manger, surrounded by animals and attended only by St. Joseph. If she could do it, if millions of women have done it for millenia, then I can too. Right? So watch out for Part 3 where I get to narrate everything that happens and answer questions like Does it hurt? How much does it hurt? What actually happens? etc. etc. Pray for me, will you?


  1. Praying for strength and a safe delivery! And your issues with posting Baby’s pictures make sense. It’s your choice at the end of the day. Looking forward to hearing all about the birth in part 3!!

    Thanks for sharingggg!

  2. Folake says

    Wish you all the best dear. Agbo oun Iya agbo Ohun Omo layo ati alafia Ameen!

  3. Radiogirlnelo says

    This got me – – – – > Nigerians will not let you skip to the beginning of the queue in banks even with your big belly. At best, they will point you towards the nearest bench to wait your turn.

    Seems we are in dire need of compassion in this country.
    I love your writing style and I’m praying for strength for you as your EDD approaches. Labour will be short… Amen

  4. I had a good laugh with the app… size of a truck driver’s portion of eba?!?
    Anyways even though EDD is almost here, you could try babycentre app or Pregnancy +. The interface is pretty and you get daily updates on baby’s development.
    Pregnancy looks great on you dear and don’t worry, we’ll be praying with and for you.

  5. PS: the pepper soup part broke my heart. Been craving pepper and was gonna make peppersoup and hot rice for dinner today. What’s a sisteh to do now???

    And a question: what is the side effects of taking peppersoup tho? Took it in my early days and just need to confirm that I haven’t harmed my baby or anything….

    • I’ve got you in my prayers dear. Your awareness, candor and decision is refreshing jare. I think you’ve got a music lover in that belly. 😍😍😍

      God’s got you.
      Cheers and Congratulations in advance.

    • I think you can eat the peppersoup without adding that Uda spice. My Mother-in-law says as long as there’s no Uda in it, you’re fine. You can start Uda after delivery.

      • That’s reassuring…. But we just buy the already blended powder. This just means I have to make another trip to the market to buy uda-less peppersoup ingredients.

  6. Ruth says

    It won’t surprise me is baby comes out with his/her own journal on what it feels like growing in your womb and all its secret laughter it kept away from you and Kate.
    I can’t wait to reads that journal😉😉😉😍😘

  7. Anonymous says

    It won’t surprise me if baby comes out with his/her own journal on what it feels like growing in your womb and all its secret laughter it kept away from you and Kae.
    I can’t wait to read that journal😉😉😉😍😘

  8. Ruth says

    It won’t surprise me if baby comes out with his/her own journal on what it feels like growing in your womb and all its secret laughter it kept away from you and Kae.
    I can’t wait to read that journal😉😉😉😍😘…
    Keep me posted when you are about to publish the journal love.

  9. You look lovely…. The Virgin Mary will be with you all the way …… Do have lots of fun in the labor ward:)

  10. Amaka Kponu says

    Most hilarious but educative post ive read in a while! I’m in my 30th week and I can identify with alot of what you have said. The pepper soup part broke my heart too. Lol!
    And the Hebrew women too…awesome!!!! That was an eye opener for me.
    I can’t wait for the update!!

  11. You will be alright, God is with you….can’t wait to read your next pregnancy post. 🙂

    Can’t wait to receive my gift either !!! 😀

  12. Love your green dress. LOL @ your stretch marks. I think stretch marks are quite cute, like war marks or something. Or proof that you were hard guy enough to burn fat at some point in your life.

    • Lol! Na so. I’m learning to accept them *sniff* If I ever nursed the ambition to wear mini-skirts, that dream is gone!

  13. Pregnancy looks good on you 🙂
    I especially love the pink and white dress with the lace on top.
    I pray the next couple weeks go as planned, and that Atinuke arrives safely.

  14. Mitchell says

    Muah Osemhen! I will indeed be praying for you. I laughed all through this post. You look so pretty and I can’t see any pregnancy symtoms on you sef. Oya do and come and tell us all the gory details of childbirth. *shudders* And beautiful details too of course lol. The Lord is your strength. Happy New Year.

  15. Wow, I won! What a pleasant surprise!!! Thank you 🙂 And, definitely, we will be praying for you.

  16. Awwwww…You look so beautiful with your pregnancy it almost looks so easy. I read all the “complaints” and I saw the green dress picture and I forgot about them. The Lord is your strength. I wish you safe delivery hun *big hug*

  17. Anita says

    The waddle part made me chuckle…I tried not to waddle too, but mehn! Those darn pelvic aches gave me away! So I waddled gracefully!
    I pray for an easy delivery for you! I’ll be waiting for the third post! I can already imagine the drama! Ha-ha!

  18. Sandra O. says

    Lovely series and funny too. I wish you a very safe and uncomplicated delivery, with strength to transit each stage of labour. I hope you belong to the category of women that walk into clinic, 8cm dilated and don’t know they are contracting sef or feeling contractions like menstrual pain. May Our Lord and Lady be with you through delivery.

  19. The green dress looks fabulous! Looking forward to the third part of this post.
    Wishing you a safe delivery! Thanks for the gift – great start the new year 🙂

  20. 'dee says

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while now Jennifer. It’s Adenike from 5A special. Congratulations in advance. It’ll hurt. A lot. But it’s worth every bit of the pain. Trust me. You’ll come out of that feeling like superwoman and when you see your baby, you won’t even remember how much it hurt. I should know. God bless you.

  21. I watched one of those delivery videos some years back and decided I’ll just adopt kids, they are plenty out there. LOL. Now you are changing my mind with all this glowing and looking beautiful . Praying for you, waiting for Part 3, congrats!!!

  22. Nkeiru says

    Hi. Loved this post and i wish i will be able to carry another human inside me and glow the way you are glowing. You and Atinuke will be fine during and after delivery. May St.Gerard intercede for you. I’ll say a prayer for you today.

  23. Aww…my darling, i wish you all the best. its a joy reading your posts. I am just beginning my journey and its helpful to read your posts to get a sense of what lies ahead! Lol at the waddling…I know what you mean. I too hope i dont go out like that!
    I second your thoughts on the need for a Nigerian pregnancy app, all these oyinbo references to fruit and vegetables can be quite confusing!

    Well, here’s wishing you a safe delivery and a beautiful new year ahead!

    Lots of love,

  24. This article made me smile and more than ever before, it re-awakened the need to revitalize my blog- also, a good number of the experiences shared sound like something to look forward to (except the waddling and weight gain part, of course). however, there is a book i recommend for pregnant women- What to Expect when you are expecting. it helps a lot.

  25. bibi says

    Love ur articles…. So real…. Laughed out so loud when u talked about been pregnant n rather than letting u jump queue in banks, u get referred to a seat…, may God continue to see u thru till d celebrity baby comes out

  26. Loving ur blog with each visit! Lool @truckdriver’s portion of Eba, we definitely need a naija app with descriptions of the baby we can relate to. I also wish we had centers independent of hospitals where couples can visit together and learn about the baby, growth, etc. with visual aids. i need to do research on this Hebrew women lifestyle.I wish u a safe delivery and may u and baby be in good health. Amen

  27. Doris says

    Praying fervently for you. The best way to handle contraction is to take deep deep breaths. At least that is what worked for me. I totally understand how you feel about posting by pictures. on the one hand you want o share your happiness, on the other hand you want to respect your little one. in the end, just do what feels right to you.

  28. Amaka says

    Lovely write up!!
    Congratulations in advance …. I’ll definitely put you in my prayers.

    God bless 🙂

  29. PINKLADY says

    I absolutely love your blog. Don’t ever stop blogging please, Thank you for sharing. <3

  30. Anonymous says

    And one of the Yoruba saying so always heard…”eat everything that starts with “e” (Yourba alphabet)- ewa; eyin, efo, edo, etc”. Wish a safe delivery! It really is not so bad, jst commit it in God’s hands and confess the delivery you want. Been there twice and to God be the glory, it was good. It is well

  31. Ademola Ayodele says

    Wow!!!, this article is so impressive and helpful, my wife is pregnant too, I noticed all the changes u mentioned. I would give her to read this. Ose, u r Blessed amongst all. God grant all ur hear desires. I have always learnt beautiful from Kae. That man is a blessing to his generations

  32. Tobi says

    You will have a safe and easy delivery… Amen..Enjoyed every bit of your post…

  33. Ebube says

    I really enjoyed reading this piece. Love your writing style. I had my first baby in October so I can definitively relate. My delivery is a long story but the important thing is that baby and I were fine in the end so you need not worry.

    About putting up baby pix, hubby and I decided on that and we have kept to it so far but I must say its not easy. Everyone wants to know why we decided on that since it’s not the norm. We also have to keep warning close friends and family who we shared the pictures with not to put it up. When we feel the time is right sha, we will. Just do what feels right for you.

    Pregnancy looks very good on you, you should have seen me, not a single picture anywhere, not even by mistake.

    Anyways, you will be fine and I eagerly look forward to part 3.

  34. You carry your pregnancy so gracefully; it doesn’t even show on your face. I couldn’t tell until I saw the belly (Yes, we have met in person).
    Have a really safe delivery. Have you started thinking about baby names?

  35. Wish you a very safe delivery and lots of joy and happiness. You really look great and I agree with having a naija app. Lovely post.

  36. Enobong says

    Lovely post, you just added more grace to pregnancy by narrating your journey in non- scientific terms, me likey!! I pray for you and the baby.

  37. You looks so pretty in the photos! Thanks for sharing this! I feel like I’m being let in on a private experience 🙂

  38. Priscy says

    You just got me scared now… am 40.1weeks pregnant and I just finished eating pepper soup with plenty of Uda.. I read somewhere that it induces labour

  39. Toff says

    We need a Nigerian app for these things, guys. I need an app that tells me, Your baby is the size of a truck-driver’s portion of eba… Your baby is the size of Derica… Amen? I totally agree with u sister. I downloaded a pregnancy app and it keeps describing my baby like vegetables I have never heard of,I deleted the thing sharply.

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