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Nigerian Blogs I Love: Ihunda’s Musings

One of my blog resolutions is to share bloggers I love with my readers. I think it’s important for you to know there are so many good bloggers out there.

 I don’t remember exactly when I started following Afoma’s blog and Instagram feed. Right now, it feels like a long time ago. What delights me about her photographs? The colors, maybe. The charm she captures…the details. Her mindfulness (something I’ve been working on forever). We share a fondness for H&M blouses. And I must admit to a slight envy. Of her talent with the camera and the fact that she goes to school on a beautiful island.  And yes, she’s a student. A medical student. How cool is that? 

Describe your blog with five words.

Personal. Inspiring. Delightful. Happy place.

Why did you start your blog?

I was in dire need of self-expression. I was 16 and tired of talking to myself constantly (which I still do). I somehow caught the oversharing bug before I even knew it was a thing. If you look back at posts from three years before, you’ll notice there was a lot more rambling and sharing. It was so exciting for me. While I still enjoy it now, I definitely am more cautious as to what I share.

  I know you’ve blogged about your typical day here, but what would your ideal day look like?

Right now, I’m smack in the middle of preparing for the USMLE (medical exam) Step 1, so my ideal day would be:

5:00- wake up. Read my devotional and bible. Pray.

5:30- Do a test block (44 questions), annotate answers into textbook.

8:30- Make/Eat breakfast

9:00- Study material for the day. I’m doing system based study (Sorry guys, this is getting really medical student ish) so I’ll usually do, for example renal system anatomy & physiology first.

12:00- Take a break to make lunch. Watch TV while I eat.

1:00- Do another question block.

4:00- Take a break to shower. I also do *ahem* pajama based studying. It’s very efficient.

4:30- Have tea and a chocolate bar.

5:00- Study pathology and pharmacology of same system.

9:00- Make dinner

10:00- Unwind with a good book or podcast. Text friends in other timezones.

11:00- Bed time!

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

Women. I really love connecting with young girls and women who read my blog. Of course, I’ve made a number of male friends via my blog and I appreciate every single one of them, but it’s a bit different with the lady friends I’ve made and it’s honestly the most enjoyable part of my experience as a blogger.

  If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what do you hope to accomplish?

One of my goals this year (after my exams, hoho) is to be more open (as much as I can afford to be) about struggles and not just great times. I read so many bloggers who with their blog posts almost sort of hold your hand and say “you’re not alone”. I want to do that more.

I’m also trying to connect more with the med student community without alienating my other readers. I’ve become even more passionate about medicine and my medical career (and the struggles that abound) in the last year and I think about it as much as I do books (even more than fashion, since I’ve been studying in sleep wear) and I’m itching to talk about it somehow.

I love my current community of blog readers but I’d like to add a few more people; not just numbers, but actively participating members who’ll share the blog with people they think might like something. I hope to have regained consistency by the end of the year as well J

If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be?

Passport. My phone. Journal(s). Old photo albums. Clothes on my back? (this was so stressful)

Favorite childhood memory?

Ah. This one time, when I was about 7/8, we went to my dad’s office party. I think it was their anniversary or something. It was at the Port Harcourt amusement park (I’ve forgotten what it used to be called) and we went on nearly ALL of the rides, my brother and I. The thrill was unforgettable. Then it was late afternoon and they started to play music. I’ve always loved dancing, so you should have seen me! I did the go-all-the-way-down-and-come-back-up move. Everyone was cheering and some of the adults pretended to compete with me and then gave up (or maybe they really gave up? I’m a machine on the dance floor). It was one of those times when every single person around you is happy and there’s not a care in the world.

Please check out her blog: and let me know what you think. Who are your favorite Nigerian bloggers? 


  1. My other favourite bloggers are The Alaroro shopaholic, The Alma Chronicle, ThisisEss, Nik-nak…

    The list is endless. I am always on blogs and I keep looking for new sites to go to.

  2. One of my favourite Nigerian bloggers is Fisayo Longe. Love her street style. And I also started blogging last month Do check it out. 🙂

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