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On Writivism, A Great Book I Read, Klo5 and Holiday Season in Nigeria

I’ve meant to blog about this for a while but I kept losing my drafts…

  1. Super late, I know but our Pemi won the Writivism Prize 2015! I say our Pemi because she’s ours… Lol. I’m not famzing, I promise. We’ve shared a bed (now I sound like I’m famzing). Anyhow, I’m super-pleased for her, and slightly envious that she got to go on holiday to Uganda as part of making the Writivism shortlist. And now I want to write more stories, so I can enter competitions that allow me go on holidays. Have you read Pemi’s deliciously scary story? Have you checked out the super-cool blog, she collaborates on? Thank me later!
    Pemi @ Writivism
  2. I got this amazing book, The Art of Possibility by Ben and Roz Sander, a year ago from Ozoz of fame. It’s slightly strange in that it’s not your typical self-help book. It’s not teaching you how to be the best XYZ but how to get to a point where being the best XYZ doesn’t matter. Here’s an example of one of the concepts: Giving an A. Every fall, on the first day of class at the New England Conservatory of Music, Zander announces to his class, “Everybody gets an A.” But there’s one condition—students have to submit a letter, written on that first day but dated the following May, that begins: “Dear Mr. Zander, I got my A because…”
    In other words, the students have to define at the beginning of the course who they will have become by the end that will justify the A grade. And according to Zander, that A changes everything. We unconsciously give people grades. Imagine if in all your interactions with people, you mentally gave them an A.zander
  3. And then, Klorofyl just launched its 5th Year Anniversary Issue. The theme is Nomads. See, I just like beautiful things. And I get an extra thrill when the beauty emanates from spaces that people least expect. As always, Klorofyl is beautiful. It’s like the best kept secret in African lifestyle e-zines, except it’s really not a secret. I’ve read some of the essays and I’ve seen some of the pictures. And I just want to frame them and hang them on my bedroom wall so I can wake up to the sight. I shall say no more. Head over to to download the issue. Follow them on: @Klorofylmag or the Facebook page Klorofyl.Klorofyl Is Back
  4. Finally, it’s holiday season! I know, I know, it’s not holiday season for working adults. But there’s still a part of me that operates with the school calendar and I can’t help feeling that “holiday ti de” spirit. You can’t tell me nothing. My typical holiday consisted of day-long cartoons, running around outside when the power was out and generally being a pest to the aunts and housekeepers who lived with us. I daresay it’s a fairly common experience unless  your parents had dreams of you becoming a genius and hired you a lesson teacher. Lol. Sorry. In the spirit of “holiday season”, what are your favourite holiday memories?


  1. going to holiday lessons with mufti :D, reading all my lady bird series in peace and of course cartoon Network, also in peace.

  2. ^_^ great to see you on my feed again! Holidays were mostly for relaxing, cartoons and the occasional travel to another state in Nigeria 🙂

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