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These Are A Few of My Beautiful Things.

I’m a sucker for beautiful things. And I don’t mean physical beauty, though I appreciate symmetry and intricacy and elegance and all those things that define physical appeal. And I hardly consider humans physically beautiful; pretty, good-looking, fine? Yes. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Beauty. I watched a TedTalk* once that tried to define beauty. According to the speaker, real beauty isn’t so much seen as it is felt. Beauty is something you feel in your gut.

I have a list of beautiful moments. If I had any sort of talent with a camera or a painter’s brush, I would capture them, commit them to eternity on paper. But all I have are my words. So here goes.

  • My cousin bravely swallowing tears back the evening of her wedding. She’d come home to change out of her dress, her husband was outside waiting and she was inside, fighting sobs while her mother smiled and soothed her.
  • The 10-year-old in church with a fierce look on his face and his arms wrapped protectively around his 7-year-old autistic brother.
  • My aunt cracking jokes in the front seat of her car with the 9-year old she adopted three months before. Their raucous laughter.
  • The softening of my colleague’s stern face when he talks of his wife of almost 10 years. The way he smiles when she calls him.
  • Light from street lamps on a deserted, tree-lined street pooling on the tarmac.
  • Movie OSTs composed by James Horner.
  • Gregorian chant.
  • Giant turbine blades.
  • Walking through elegantly laid out pipework in a process plant. If you’ve never been in a process plant, imagine a cathedral nave (high ceilings et al) made entirely of shiny steel pipes rising on either side of you to meet on pipe-racks 30 feet above you.
  • And this is cliché but… kites circling lazily against a backdrop of fluffy cloud “mountains” and blue, blue sky.

What are yours? What moments do you feel in your gut?


  1. onajite says

    Watchin d sea of worshippers @ *d experience,lagos*.truly feels like heaven.goose bumps.pure beauty. Ose u can guess d next;reading ur write ups. *smiles*.nos 3 would be walking down the aisle with my dad,to my husband and my dream song playing in the background.(I’m sure it will be soooo

  2. MuyiwaSaka says

    The sun rising over Imo hill as seen from my bedroom window back in osun state.
    A webpage with the exact output I expect after hours of coding and debugging.
    The sheer joy on my parents’ face on announcing my success in being recruited to my current job.
    Soft Bread and palm-oil-fried akara(served hot).
    A 95th minute manchester united goal.
    A goal at the end of a Lionel Messi dribbling run.
    A Steven King novel twist.
    Fiddle by Enya.
    Nightingale by Yanni.
    Tribute by Yanni.
    Banksy graffiti.

    ….and so much more…..

  3. TaiwoF says

    1. completing a project site from start to finish,cant find words to describe IT.simply BEAUTIFUL

  4. The sight of a once messy kitchen, now spick-and-span!
    Beautiful! 🙂
    A picture of a much younger dad and a 2-year old me, and him looking at me with awe…

  5. nyaede says

    – Rafael Nadal in motion
    – Casablanca (screenplay et al)
    – Joss Whedon in his pomp
    – Wonder, curiosity and fearlessness as seen in a baby’s eyes
    – U2
    – Tetris
    – Symmetry
    – Acappella music
    – Songs: ‘How Can I Keep From Singing?’; ‘Let There Be Love’; Mysterious Ways
    – Albums: Pro*Pain, Grammatical Revolution; Jesus Freak, Sanctioned, Walk This Road
    – Bill Cosby
    – Bob Dylan
    – Frank Capra movies

  6. Mercy says

    That should be ;
    – Organising a successful party ( mostly small)
    – listening to music
    – trying out a new recipe
    – Reading a good story
    – Watching people in love
    – When people smile ( makes me think they are happy)
    – Walking through a huge mall…( I absolutely love shopping)

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  8. Ms.B says

    I am new here and yet to get a subscription response from you. But I want to please ask why do you story seem to not show fully? I start an interesting one and it ends…….dot,dot,dot?

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