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Why Are You Angry About Stella Oduah's Armoured Cars?

So today, Nigerians are outraged over the purchase of two armoured vehicles for Stella Oduah’s  safety. Said vehicles cost over 250 million naira (About 1.6 million dollars). See Sahara’s report here.

I understand the outrage, and I would share it if I knew:

  1. What is the annual budget of the “cash-strapped” Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority?
  2. How do we know they’re cash-strapped?
  3. Was this purchase included in the budget for 2013?
  4. Was the budget approved by the Senate?
  5. Did the Senate know she was going to buy the cars with the NCAA’s budget?
  6. Knowing this, did they approve?
  7. If they neither knew nor approved of the cars’ purchase, what was this money earmarked for originally? Has that activity been done? Is it pending?
  8. Money cannot buy air safety, can it? Someone please explain to me how this money increases the risk of me boarding a plane that will crash?

I’m sincerely curious about these things. This is not an attempt to ridicule anyone. I just need to know why I should care. So I can join in the outrage. Please, I really would like answers.

Thank you.


  1. I think the outrage is on the cost of the vehicles. 800k USD per vehicle sounds a bit too much. I don’t know too much about cars, but I think a brand new Beamer shouldn’t cost more than 120k USD, and lets go crazy with the customisation and say it cost 240k USD. So pata pata 360k in total. That’s still less than half of what was invoiced.
    So all in all it just smirks of corruption and mis-management, the two major problems we have in our country. I do believe its her prerogative to get those vehicles; if she feels she needs them. But why over-invoice just to get something on top like a common plumber or mechanic?

  2. 'Demola says

    I’m not sure it is much matter of illegality as it is of being improper. We could go into the long never-ending conversation on the subjects of ethics and value, but I guess we all can agree on some level of what constitutes improper behaviour.

    I’m sure people are not angry because it is illegal. If the National Assembly approves a budget that transfers all the nation’s fund to the personal account of the President, it is not illegal, but we all know it is not acceptable behaviour.

    The anger is not about corruption(well, if we ignore that the cars are priced at least 100% more than market value), it is about unacceptable behaviour. It is about the fact that as a country, we can’t afford to spend about 500% what the US President spends on the world famous Cadillac One on just one of our Ministers. This same anger drives the call for review of the allowances of National Assembly members.

    People are angry because we can’t afford obviously irresponsible spending.

  3. Okay. So I just checked the costs of the vehicles sans armour and together they cost about 300k dollars.
    So that clarifies a bit.
    I agree it is exorbitant. So whose responsibility is it to hold the NCAA accountable? Our Senate. So can we start railing at them instead? Will you write/call your senator?

  4. Well, I see your point. Our senators should hold her accountable, BUT public outrage can make the senators aware of public opinion and if they give a damn, they can take it from there. And I doubt they would.

    • What if they don’t get our outrage? Do you notice that the media never reports our outrage the way say CNN, would? They tell us that she bought the cars, will AIT, NTA, ThisDay, Guardian etc. report that “Nigerians Call for Stella’s Head”?
      We can write to our Senators. We can call them. We need to hold our Senators more accountable. That’s the only way to hold all these ministries and all in check.
      I need to find out my Senator’s phone number and email address sef. Any idea where I can find it? I’m from Esan South-East.

  5. Senators and House of Rep members do not see themselves as being servants of the people. Most would just not take your call or route you to a “special assistant” or take the call and do absolutely nothing

    She bought two bulletproof cars bcos she was afraid for her life because of her “sweeping” reforms in the aviation industry. Yet Two crashes and one near mishap and countless others we do not know about. These politicians are so full of bullcrap it stinks up the country

  6. On your last question, I do believe that money buys air safety. This is because money buys better airplanes. Nigerian Airways died because of lack of money.

  7. LOL @ job of Arik and Aero. It’s the job of NCAA to make sure the planes are in good shape though, somewhere along the line priorities have been misplaced and some people are not doing their jobs, hence, the crashes. They are mostly results of carelessness not ‘acts of God’ like Stella said. Some people don’t necessarily care about the prices of her new rides, people are just angry and frustrated. When you are angry, frustrated and in need of answers, you take it out in any form. This is one of those forms. People need answers and solutions from her not new, fancy and sophisticated cars.

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