Introduce Yourself :)


Allow me to introduce myself.


Of The Big Afro and an enduring love of Isale Eko. Yes… #Lagosian.

Writing because these are my favorite things.

Good Books. Great Food. Laughter. And Love. Because #simplepleasures rule. Like Irish coffees. Like noisy brunches with family. Like tea parties with friends. And no it’s not as fancy as it sounds. Sometimes, we drink zobo instead. Because… #proudlyNigerian

Because memories can’t be stolen.

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives…tell me, what is it you plan to doΒ with your one wild and precious life?”

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  1. Really sometimes how u form words…as if they were somewhere waitin for u… My only quarrel wif u is dat u hv nt yet told me d branch of engineering you studied…but from wat i see, word engineering is very close to the truth. Thumbs up

  2. Arhyel says

    As usual, I pass through every blog, blame my rather annoying nosy desire to learn!

    • A desire to learn is nosy and annoying? You just insulted me! Lol! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading to the end. πŸ™‚

  3. Glad to come across more women with the engineer/writer pedigree.

    Does “eurekanaija” mean or stand for something? I’m unfamiliar with the word. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Nel. Thanks for popping in. Are you an engineer as well?

      Eurekanaija is a compound word. “Eureka” is from the popular Greek meaning “I’ve found it”. “Naija” is a moniker for Nigeria.

      The name doesn’t have any further significance, I’m afraid πŸ™‚

      • I’m an engineer too. ^_^

        I know “eureka” but “naija” is new to me. Thanks for explaining your blog’s name. πŸ™‚

  4. I have never been hooked by a blog by its blurb. I actually smiled! LOL. Fresh. My pleasure.

  5. This is the first time this year I am visiting your blog!!!
    The first thing I did was go ‘aahh'( in a good way of course) over the picture change. I love it!!!

    Please blog more this year and I wish you the best.

  6. But if you like books, coffee, chocolate, music and sepia photographs then you’ll like it here. πŸ™‚
    with all of the above mentioned, then i’m definitely gonna like it here big time!!!! first time here and u already sound amazing!!!! someone was just asking me recently what i was doing in the science field when what i talk abt most of the time is art and stuff!!!heheheh
    ff u already!!!
    check out mine here http://www.glowingscenes,

  7. Osemhen. Engineer/Writer. Life-long Lagosian. Love freshly-baked bread and dancing in front of the mirror in my room. Love coffee and trying to break an addiction to cookies and chocolate and cake.
    Catholic and trying to live by the Golden Rule (and loving God and neighbour). I want to fix Nigeria, but I’m not sure how. Suggestions are welcome. Politics: Conservative. I really enjoy hanging out in small groups, I don’t really like parties.
    I have brown eyes and a black Afro πŸ™‚

  8. thechikalee says

    So I’m going to copy Osemhen”s method….lol…
    Chika. Sociologist/Dog lover.Greatest lover of cake and ice-cream.I’m an indoor extrovert (which means i can turn almost every outdoor activity into an indoor activity for my sake). I love GOD and I truly believe that love makes the world go round.

    oh yea,I also have my an afro ^.^

  9. I guess mine’ going to be a little longer than yours @Osemhen.
    Famous Isaacs: Travel Blogger, Poet, and a jealous eunuch in other genres and resultantly a literary critic. I love good food, but I often forget to eat when I’m in front of my pc. Loves photography, I do it part time, but I don’t have a camera: I borrow. Politics: NEUTRAL. About love, well, I thought I fell into the trap once when I was 18, but I don’t think so anymore. I think the truest love is that which exists in poetry; I have an ever faithful imaginary gf now. That’s love to me. I’ve never bothered about the colour of my eyes. Got literary awards to bother about. Kk, what else?? I came accross eurekanaija on twitter when I met Osemhen there. She’s cool. Been reading the blog now for about a month and av got no regrets. Yesterday she inspired me to make changes on my blog, and instead of blogging poetry, I deleted all poems, and now I blog an online diary chronicling my NYSC experiences. It’s fun….

  10. HI Osemhen

    Kofo. Geologist.Environmental Manager in training.Work in online Markeing/Social Media while I try to get a job that will use my Geology/Environmental Management skills. Lazy writer (really should write more). Marabout photographer ( I also DJ house parties. Caught the fitness bug; now in operation summer body by winter :D. Trying not to give up on Nigeria

  11. Hi. I’m (to most people at least) Bablo. I’m an engineering graduate (whether I would ever use the degree is an entirely different matter). I’m also ‘an idiot with a blog and an internet bundle’ (what some people call a writer). I’m a semi-retired ranter and a professional rabble-rouser on the internet, but a very shy guy in reality. I am a non-conformist, and about the most opinion-dividing person you can find. Half my friends think I’m a genius. The other half think I’m a special breed of stubborn idiot. They’re both right, I guess.

    I like food (everything other than beans) a lot. I love football. And writing. And reading. And cooking. And trivia. And quizzes. And working with my hands to build/make stuff. I think I like a little of everything. I also like talking and cracking jokes (when I get over my initial shyness with you).

    About love. I’m not sure what I believe anymore. I love my folks, and my friends, but the thoughts of living with someone forever both thoroughly scare and disgust me most of the time. I have enough wahala of my own, thank you very much. Let’s see how that would work out.

    What else? I have an afro, a very long one (for a guy) that my mum has been begging me to cut for a while now. I’ve reduced it, and now I’m closer to Wole Soyinka than to Denrele. My mum wants Obasanjo, though. We’re still working on that.

    I love Nigeria. Which is why I try not to think/talking about it too much. That’s the only way I can stop myself from thinking up ways to execute the vagabonds we have in power. Politics? Any party but PDP. If nothing else, let’s give other people a chance, although it’s not like they’re much better, to be honest.

    Sorry, this comment is quite long. I’m in a bus traveling, and this is my way of passing the time. πŸ™‚

  12. Jide Olanrewaju, Engineering Graduate, Geek, love snacks, no religious attachments. Really really likes being left alone, dark in complexion and wears a heavy geeky glasses, internet entrepreneur.

  13. Oluwadeaduramilade here. Commonly referred to as Lade. Razz Yoruba child. Dedicated Christian. Worship warrior. hopeful psychologist, teacher and a lot more.

    I’m a student and makeup artiste. Dabbling into photography. I also volunteer when I can.
    Reading = Breathing.

    I love the internet.
    I have two blogs. one for books We Blog About Books and my personal one. Out of My Head

    I (try to) collect lipsticks, nail polish and shoelaces.

    I try to stay hopeful about Nigeria
    I had a teeny weeny afro which I locd(?) recently and I’m loving it.

  14. I’m Ebun
    Worshipper/Friend Of God
    French & Int’l studies undergrad.
    Writer @ itseBunite. Natural Hair Blogger for African Naturalistas.
    Organic junkie. Avid Reader. Recovering coke addict. Fitness enthusiast. Unpatriotic Nigerian. Indoor Extrovert.

    I collect old magazines, black eyeliners and eyebrow pencils. I have a phobia for 3rd Mainland Bridge. In a few years, I aspire to be a pro photographer and makeup artist. I also hope to make money legally from the internet.

    I’ve been following eurekanaija for almost a year now. In some ways, Osemhen has inspired me. Did I mention how much I love her ‘fro? no? <3

  15. I’m Suyi. Suyi Davies. But that’s not my real name.
    Civil Engineer [and hating it]. I love Design, Creative Arts, Business Management/Entrepreneurship and the Internet, but all this has nothing to do with Engineering. So I write and design to take away the pain. I blog at The Muse Box:
    I swim, play guitar and piano, compose music and criticize artists, all in my spare time. I love sci-fantasy movies and late night snacks.
    I hate politics. Period.
    I love God dearly, but I don’t know what to think about modern Christianity. Still waiting for a sign from Him sha.
    I’m the crazy Fresh Prince of Sarcasm. All my friends are crazy Fresh Princes and Princesses. Equation solved.
    I guess that’s it…?
    Oh, wait! I’m the thinnest guy ever liveth!

    • Hi, Suyi. I know the feeling of being something by profession, and another thing by passion. πŸ™‚ It’s a surprisingly common malady. Many of the writers I know are something else by profession. But I think it’s okay because how else will you stay grounded enough in the world to be able to write about it?

      • True that. This is why I always keep at least one thing I’m passionate about around, keep feeding it, no matter how little. It becomes a constant daily reminder that there’s some personal (and maybe external too) value in engaging in these things, whether or not they contribute to my daily bread (no toasters…hehehe).

  16. Hi everyone. Cassandra Ikegbune, Medical student, Model, Fashion Enthusiast. Personal style and life style blogger at I just discovered your blog, someone on my twitter RT’d you and like the weirdo that I am, I checked out your profile and followed the link.
    Can I copy this idea on my blog? Pretty please! I think its really cool.

  17. Iman Mosiane says

    Hi Osemhen

    I guess I’m about 6 months too late but anyway, here goes. My name is Iman (it used to be Faith until I became a muslim).

    I’m a cake eating, avocado loving real estate agent here in South Africa. Although the passion for my occupation has quickly faded over the recent months. So to be completely honest I’m just a hopeful muslimah trying to do what I can, when I can to help whom ever I can inshallah.

    It seems that everyone here is a writer, I’m not. Just a blog stalker hoping to master up the courage to one day air my thoughts for the (internet) world to read. Although I’m constantly being reminded that I’m not ready as I’ve rewritten and rephrased this sentence more times than I’d like to admit :).

    I’ve never been to Nigeria, although the best people I know are Nigerians which makes me feel like I should visit that country very soon inshallah.

    My life is an exhausting cycle of eating horribly, feeling guilty for eating horribly, then getting mad at myself for letting the fat that lives inside of me become visible *sigh lol. So I really have no time to have any opinions about politics both Nigerian or South African. Although seeing so many young people have something to say about their country gives me hope that Nigeria will be just fine. Which is more than I can say about South Africa atm πŸ™ .

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 1hour lol and I’ve enjoyed everything thus far.

    • Hi, Iman! Welcome from South Africa πŸ™‚ No, you’re not late. It’s supposed to be a “live page” so it can be responded to at any time. What does Iman mean? Maybe the first thing you should write is why you became a Muslim. It takes a lot of courage to make faith-based decisions and it’s not often women convert willingly to Islam.

      If you could do something else apart from be an estate agent, what would you do? I read an article recently that asked if I’d do my day job for free. It’s supposed to be an indication of whether I love my job. I still don’t have a clear-cut answer…

      The writing will come, if it’s meant to. It starts rather painfully, though. I learnt to write stories by copying them from my favourite story books!

      If you ever come to Nigeria, holler. I’m not the best tour guide but you won’t be bored. Yeah, we Nigerians run passionate online. Hopefully, it translates to action at the elections.

      SA is not so bad. You have electricity! Lol. And you have beautiful coastlines, a lot of my friends go to SA for holidays.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, Iman. I really appreciate it. How long have you had your Afro?

  18. Chioma says

    Hi osemhen and everyone, this is coming much later than iman’s 6 months.Chioma Enyingwa,history/diplomatic studies graduate,aspiring designer and fashion aficionado,discovered your blog last year, and got hooked on it.politics neutral,you write so well,and I know creative writing is not the easiest thing in the world but you make it
    flow so easy.PS,I love your fro

  19. olivia ndubuisi says

    I laughed when Iman said her reply came late. Seriously? Well I’m Olivia, love it when I’m called ‘livia. I’m a curious person(has landed me in a lot of trouble I promise you). I’m not Love’s biggest fan; don’t have the patience. I learnt to have a good heart by studying my mother and I’m sure sacrifices like she made them are now extinct. @versatilenaija mentioned your blog’s good and itake her judgement seriously. Iman said Nigeria’ll be just fine and iwas this close to giving up on her finally

  20. Don Ocso says

    hmm girls will always talk about girls-things no matter. keep the blog rolling. thumb up!

  21. Tobechukwu. O says

    10 minutes in, 5 blog posts read. TRAPPED. GREAT REFRESHING WRITING BECAUSE IT IS ORIGINAL. I Like.

  22. Hello! I really do hope September is not too late. Pardon me, I only came across your blog last week and I have had fun reading stuff on it. I even typed one long comment for the feminism post, but it didn’t deliver because of bad Internet.

    That aside. My name is Mayowa. Pen name is Matey, so most times, I get called Matey Scott. I enjoy writing and reading. I also enjoy holding intelligent conversation with deep people whose intelligence can’t be hidden. I am a proud Aunty (I tell anyone that cares to listen about my niece. She is damn too adorable). I have a working relationship with God and just really hope to live right by him in this crazy world. I am mostly told I don’t look my age ( most reduce my age by 2 or 3) but when I open my mouth to talk, I’m like an old woman. Well, it’s not my fault. I don’t subscribe to most of the meaningless things guys my age do and I almost cannot stand how much the world has degraded. I am a lawyer in the making although psychology calls more and oh, I have a book (my first) which will soon be out by God’s grace. It’s titled It’s your life to lead and its dedicated to my sharp close to a year old niece.

    I blog at and Osenhan, I would love for you to participate in a series I want to run on my blog. Pretty please, may I have your email address so I can send a mail to you?

    Thank you! You have a beautiful blog and I also have an afro.

  23. Hello osemehen *smiling and waving* My Name is Obasi Susan Kamnelechukwu, Fake igbo girl (you should hear how I pronounce my name, am working on it sha) Chocolate lover, God obsessed, Iwrite @ A computer scientist in the making, I have a fro too πŸ™‚ and I love your hair and your blog, am sticking around for a while *sips coffee, brings out small stool, balance for your dormot, winks *osemehen how far?*

  24. Chibogu says

    Hello everyone! I am Michelle or Chibogu (as the case may be). A corper. Trying to live out each day in love of God,myself and neighbor. Lore has it that I’m mischievous. I think I studied economics, love to read,sing,pour dust,dance and day dream. Sometimes I think en francaise other times Igbo,hope to add yoruba to my list. Food is my favorite f word… Just discovering this blog got me feeling like I have been an internet-miss-road….oh Osemhen you don’t know this but I already adopted you as an elder sis. Still looking for my raison d’Γͺtre.

    • Hi, Chibogu! Hey, I’m glad to be your big sister. Any day , any time πŸ™‚ You had me at “Lore has it that I’m mischievous”. Lol.

  25. FAITH CHABA says

    Hi Osemhen πŸ™‚

    I am Faith from Zambia, Accounts graduate and currently studying for my professional papers.
    reading your blog made me both sad and inspired. my life didnt pan out as I would have wanted it to but what is it worth if we give up only because life didn’t happen our way and it did so because we made the choices.
    I love sour foods…naturally sweet food like fruits…it makes me feel weird, I am girl right and I hate cakes, biscuits, choclates but that’s what makes us who we are…
    I have been reading your blog for the past 1 hour…

    • Hi, Faith. I’d love to hear your story some time. Thank you for sharing on the blog. I can’t believe you don’t like sugar! Hian!

  26. I’ll comion about back for a proper introduction about things i like and am interested in. Lovely blog stumbled on it from twitter. Am Dami

  27. I have enjoyed the depth of your posts, you write beautifully. I am a lover of clever puns and all things punny, obsessed with DIY sewing.

  28. onyinyechi says

    Onyinyechukwu. Known as pharmnikki/nikkibutterscotch in the virtual world. Pharmacist + healthcare policy and management graduate. FIRST BORN SYNDROME sufferer. Restless and Energetic. Catholic. ‘Fro owner and lover. Musician. I would love to write but can’t sit still. Being vocal about my feelings and experiences doesn’t help either. I love your blog, started reading since last year August when i met you briefly in PH. If not for distance I would have stalked you sotay you become my padi πŸ˜€

  29. Jaycee says

    Hi Osemhen,
    I am Joyce. I live in Ghana but core Nigerian. I grew up here and there so it made me not to have anyone I could call childhood friend but my younger brother is my childhood friend. A geologist (I love it)by profession but waiting earnestly on the day I will start practicing. I make a little living from the internet, I bake a lot and love the faces of little kids when they see my mickey mouse/spiderman designs on their or their friends birthday cakes.

    I saw the link to your blog on your LinkedIn profile where we have a single shard connection (you can check it out) and I started reading it today.
    I like being alone to praise and worship God because I shed a lot of tears when I do so.
    I am a naturalista (13 months old) and decided to go natural when I got a scar in the middle of my head which pulled out that part of my hair from the roots after fixing my first weave when I came to Ghana which made me cut off all my hair because I could not bear seeing my hair in an undulating morphology.
    I love Nigeria, I want to fix it and with more young people like us that want to fix it, am sure Nigeria has hope.

    I think you are a genius.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jaycee. I wish I could help with your hair, hope it’s better now. πŸ™‚

  30. moyin says

    I don’t even know how it got here tonight, but the good thing is that I’m glad I did. You’ve got something good going on here and it inspires me. Engineer, writer, and now wife? That’s where I wanna be in a few years. Thanks for being you.

  31. Whoa. Finally I pluck the courage to introduce myself.
    Amaka Anozie, Electrical Engineer though not sure how I feel about that right now. Anyway feelings do not matter that much (I hear). Writer or better still scribbler. Trying to love God and everyone out there, though in different degrees. Running away for now from one who has decided to sing my praises – where he finds them from I can’t say. Blogs at (tell me what you think please).
    Love your blog; consider you as a role model, from afar sha a a. Likes your stories but somehow there is a thread of suicide running through some (most?) of them.
    Nigeria? which other country do I have? We will keep praying and doing the little (much) good that we can to keep it together before talking of fixing it.
    Take good care

    • Hello, Ufuoma. I’ll keep your offer in mind when I’m ready to take on guest writers. I do it every now and then. Thank you.

  32. NonoOkpala says

    Hi Osemhen and everyone,
    My name’s Nono (not my real name). I’d love to start a blog or write a book someday and hope Nono would stick. I am a pharmacologist. I love to paint, write, read, gist, run, eat healthy…….and oh, I aim to learn French in one year.
    I came across your blog last night while searching for a ‘blog’ to inspire my writing. Yours came top trumps, I’ve been glued to it all day. I intend to stay.
    God? …….He sums up everything I am today.

    Well done with your writing, keep it up!

      • NonoOkpala says

        Oh dear! I’m actually not sure yet. I’m having a bit of cold feet at the moment, trying to get my head around the ‘blogging’ concept. I’ll hopefully have something set up by mid April……hopefully πŸ˜‰

  33. Hi Osem,
    I’m Sherif from Accra – Ghana, engineer by training with some professional background in Project Management and HSE and working for Sage Petroleum, a bulk oil distribution company in Ghana. We are friends on facebook and I’ve probably been reading your writings since 2011. You write beautifully πŸ™‚

    I enjoy reading short stories, essays and technical papers. I’m addicted to news. I write too (sometimes). I love the beach. I spend my sundays on the beach often alone. I love Ghana. I love Nigeria. I’m a Muslim. And I believe in Africa!

  34. ossy says

    i am osemudiamen….thorough-bred lagosian…a physician…strong enthusiast on sports, politics and military affairs!! massive fan of your blog!!!

  35. greg says

    Hello Osemhen.
    This is Gregory from Dar es Salaam-Tanzania, Dental surgeon by education and practicing the trade..
    We met few years back (ZAC 2009, Uganda)
    Been reading your blog for a long time now,and I think you are an exceptional writer, i have recommended your blog to several of my friends and family (those who read; the ones who read it, love it and love your writing style).
    Africans worry me,and I often worry about the plight of this continent.

  36. Nkeiruka says

    Hi. Nkeiruka here……Nutrition/Dietetics Student. Lover of God, books, languages and babies. Avid reader but i’ve mever thought about having a blog as i dont write. I like travelling and i’m saving up to do it properly. I stared reading your blog today (saw a link on twitter) and i’m a fan already.

    • Hallo, Nkeiruka. Thank you for stopping over 😊 and not scrolling past the link on your Twitter feed!
      I have a post on traveling coming up soon. Check back in a couple of weeks 😊

  37. Hellos..My name is Amaka , I Can’t risk a day without having some funny, challenging and interesting stories, either given orally or in a written Way. just cant stand being feather headed(lol).Addicted to Christ and Good music. I’m sensitive to words , so I find books or any thing whatsoever that can give me what my soul desires at any given time.. Oh ! I Love my country (Nigeria ), I’m a feminist as well and so I am just so attracted to any lady that have chosen to make a life out herself(Osemhen a practical example), would always wanna be like her and more others when I grow (winks). I LOVE Style and staying healthy is my ultimate goal. Be that as it may, I read a whole lot about health care and all worth not .ssharing a knowledge acquired gives it more meaning & so I own a ‘ BBM’ channel ; Health &wellness .where I post info on medical and social research findings/physical fitness and education /daily habits , food guide, weight control. Etc . channel chat is always available on C001E26F pin. Please be part of it and thank me laterπŸ˜‹.Did I forget that ; I’m a WEIRDO.

  38. skillzmetro says

    I think this isn’t coming late as it’s meant to be a live page and I just summoned courage to write about myself as I find it hard describing myself on pen and paper but willing to give it a try and if it’s not so good pardon me as I’m new to doing stuffs like this,okay I’m skillzmetro just a nickname though based in Accra Ghana but a core Nigerian from Delta State with a degree in Business Administration and management,i’m a versatile business man that invest on just anything that yields profit from cars to real estate,music production to even movies too…my career as a business investor has taken me quite around the world and have met different people with different cultures and ideas that I’ve learnt from and made me better exposed and efficient…I actually hope on getting my masters in political science and international diplomacy because I have intentions of becoming a senator in Nigeria so I can also use the platform to improve and share my ideas on moving our dear country forward to greater heights..Osemhen and I go a long way back right from our days in secondary school and I’ve always enjoyed her friendship and enjoy reading from her even though I find it hard to write but actually do it somehow with a little zeal from my better half…So I’m just me and I’m open make friends with anyone that feels we share a common idea and thoughts…New friends means New ideas and opportunity…

  39. Teacher with over 10years experience. Though stopped teaching for 2years now,studying for my PHD. Just started a blog too. . Love your write ups.

  40. Hi, quite late but I’m going to go on anyways. Mariam here, firstly a writer then a psychologist. I read anything i lay my hands on and i have alot of unfinished stories. I believe in God but religion is conflicting. My favorite things are bread and tea, pyjamas and music. I have an afro too and its really big.

  41. Tomilola says

    Hii! I’m Tomilola,it’s my first time reading your blog,and I can say I haven’t regretted it so far..I’ve read lots of Nigerian blogs that are just out of it. I’m glad I finally found one that’s very, very,very cool. Looking forward to more “sensemaking” posts. Love yhuu!!

  42. Chidinma Amogu says

    I have over 30 blog posts opened in different tabs right now – that’s how much I can’t let go of this blog. It’s just “refreshingly satisfying”. I hope I’m able to make it to church on time tomorrow

  43. Hi, i’m Ify Architect/Blogger and I have been stalking for the past thirty minutes and I must say that you are an amazing person from what I see here. I am a fellow virgo, was born a day after you, September 16 and trust me I wish Chimamanda had waited till the 16th :(. I currently own a blog I put up in September last year and yes I would love for you to go there and criticise πŸ™‚
    I love to inspire confidence in people! that’s all I am about. I’m Christian and an Anglican. I also want to fix Nigeria and I also am not sure how.

    Ooops! almost forgot, I also have brown eyes but I have a brown Afro πŸ™ just when I thought I had an older twinnie.

  44. Hello! Everyone. Precious Kc George by name. I’m a Nigerian. love coffee too and tea. A Christan and a Bio-Chemistry student. just bummed into your blog today and wow I’ve got fond of it plus the nice posts. You’ve got an awesome blog I must say.
    Have an enchanting evening.
    much love, George

  45. Hello, My name is Tuke and I discovered your blog yesterday from the Kitchen Butterfly.
    I have a lifestyle Blog and I play the Sax too. I Love food photography and I want to travel and explore the world. I have an Afro and I like Modelling & Acting. I want to live a purposeful life and inspire people that it is possible to live your dreams

  46. Hi People

    I have never really been good at writing bios so this is probably going to suck. I was directed here like two days ago by a friend of mine I call jirojiro and I’ve been hung on it ever since. I am an engineering student, a reader, an aspiring book author and a lover of things. Every now and then I do something few might refer to as writing and i post it on, it’s mostly mediocre. I enjoy music and i believe in God. I am popularly referred to as an eccentric fellow. Well that’s about it.

  47. Ese says

    Mehn. This blog is awesome. Kingsley was right. I do hope we become friends. It’s so satisfying to read through your posts. Keep it up.

  48. Oh, I really do love your blog, and your Muse! Congrats on the birth of your baby. Keep up the good work.

  49. Oluwakemi says

    This shd b a mini- autobiography right? Here’s Oluwakemi from southwestern Nigeria. Just graduated from the Uni and awaiting Nysc..***I love helping people particularly when it comes to helping them get better mainly bcos I’ve been there n I know wat it feels like. I love God knowing He first loved me n wud love to exhibit His love in my every day life….
    I’ve always loved reading blogs and I got to know about Eurekanaija while reading the versatile Nigerian blog ( not as a result of searching amadioha on Google. lol) and I must say, u are a ‘roles model’ in Funke Akindele’s voice. Great job dearie… I’m still very much around*winks

  50. Patty says

    Been reading up some through a friends page n I’m finally glad to be here now……although I wonder why I didn’t do this much earlier. Excited much about the anticipated reading experience πŸ˜†

  51. No 7 says

    Call me no 7. I’m a HSE advisor/Writer. Dog lover, sapiosexual (Yass!! I think we should be given more recognition and what you find on Google is hogwash! I know!)
    My favorite quote will be Tanure Ojaide’s : My strength is my will; my conscience fulfilled. My pledge is what stands between me and my quest.
    I am a huge God Lover. It’s a good tonic for my dark soul. I think I have a dark soul.. who knows maybe I’ve been more influenced by all the sci-fi I’ve read than I care to admit.
    Osemhen is someone who I scream.. Hey she stole that from me( like she lives in my head)
    No1: Giving out books and candy in a Nigerian wedding (omo Omo she didn’t!! that was my idea!! Well she didn’t wear motorcycle boots under her wedding dress so yay!!)
    No.2 : Natural hair!
    No.3: Motley crew?? I own monopoly on that word.
    It’s always a pleasure reading what you write. I know I’ll be very happy here. Xoxo

  52. Hi,Osahamen.
    Yes. I know. That is a total fail.
    I stumbled on your blog through facebook few weeks back & call it trialbalism but the Esan name caught my attention before your writing did. πŸ™‚ (Even if now i’m a regular for the writing).
    The first time i visited, that worng spelling was imprinted in my head.
    I wonder why. Maybe,i mentally pronounced it that way.
    I’m Debbie. An obsessed fan of writing & reading. No other talent i’m afraid πŸ™
    I just begun to spend my day reading blogs on writers & writer bloggers. Let’s pretend that makes sense.
    Since,i started i’ve been inspired enough to do something with the only thing i do almost best. However it’s gonna be. I’m going to have to start somewhere & do something. I’m still stalling though.
    And,uh,well,you just added to the list of people i’m looking up to. Thanks a lot there πŸ™‚

    I’d love to talk to you personally some time. (If that’s possible) Your facebook or twitter but most preferably,email address. Whichever one you use frequently.

    Oh,& one very vitasl detail.
    I’m 18.
    Yes. I’ve had lots of adults look down on me because i’m a teenager who according to popular belief, ‘teenagers these days know nothing but browse & read up all celebs news,visit porn sites’. I wish they’d know the same way we have the ‘not so good’ adults,we have it with the teenagers as well. After all, we’re only growing up now. Did that sound like an excuse?

    Needless to say, even if you’re not a frequent blogger (Yes,that was a jibe) i do love this place. Your writing.

  53. Ms.B says

    Hello Osemhen, quiet a name! Please explain it and where you are from.

    I am not a teenager looking for any answers in particular.but someone who loves young people and want to mentor,share and impact on them so I teach and have loads of young friends that make my heart “beat” daily. Besides this I am passionate about God first and I am proud to be catholic;I wouldn’t change it for anything. That is my supernatural reference. Following this is my passion for hospitality and tourism and agricultural,and I seen I have fallen in love wit here the entertainment industry and lots that link to hospitality.

    How did I find YOU! I want to write many things and how to have fun doing it and writing it creatively.And hoping to do this more when I re-active my blog soon.

    Reading through this page. I am yet to discover what eurekanaija ”s objective is but All I can say at the moment is I hope my writing becomes as simple, natural and engaging as I see this part of yours to be.

    I look forward to reading more from your real blog? Should I say after you respond to this?

    And how do you keep up with other sides of your life. Chatting and responding to ALL the great citizens here talking to ONE YOU!β˜ΊπŸ‘

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